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Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province. It now governs two county-level cities, Fuqing City and Changle City, and six counties, including Minhou County, Lianjiang county, Minqing County, Luoyuan County, Yongtai County and Pingtan County. The author mainly visited Fuqing City, Changle City, Lianjiang county and Minhou County

in Fuqing City, there are more than 130 local lighting merchants, mainly distributed in five decorative building materials markets, and there are about 15 local stores with an area of more than 500 square meters

in Changle City, there are about 40 lighting businesses, mainly concentrated in the Strait building materials city and urban streets, with an area of 5 square meters

Fuqing and Changle are the regions with the best economy, and the new urban area of Minhou is close to the urban area of Fuzhou. Through this visit and communication with local businesses, we learned that when consumers in these regions and manufacturers take measures to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices to choose lighting products, most consumers will choose lighting products with certain decorative properties. More than 70% of the products displayed in the local lighting dealers' stores are lighting products

local consumers have a certain consumption capacity, and traditional lighting products are difficult to increase the customer unit price. Businesses will recommend decorative lighting products to customers. The added value of lighting products is higher than lighting products, and consumers also have more choices to meet different decoration styles. According to the merchants, the customer unit price of 10000 to 20000 yuan is mainly the local mainstream customer group. The business area of local businesses ranges from more than 100 square meters to more than 2000 square meters, and most stores are mainly lighting products

in Lianjiang county, there are about 30 lighting businesses, mainly street shops, with an area of 500 to 1000 square meters less than 5

in Minhou County, there are less than 20 local professional lighting dealers who should re weld, mainly concentrated in Shimao building materials City, sugarcane street. The largest business area is less than 400 square meters, mainly because it is close to Fuzhou City. Many consumers will directly go to the building materials market in Fuzhou City to buy

Fuqing Xinxing lighting

Fuqing Xinxing lighting is located in the Zhongfa automobile trade building materials market in Longtian Town, Fuqing City. The local economy has a good foundation, and many local high-end consumers buy lamps. Most customers choose lighting products. Usually, there are many customers from 2 to 3 thousand households. Due to the long history of store operation, many customers come through word-of-mouth publicity, and even many customers from Fuqing City

according to general manager hetianzhen, the store was operated by his father in 1983. He has worked in the store since 2006 and has been officially responsible for the operation and management of the store since 2015. Xinxing lighting is the main agent of OPP, Sidon, Jinzhi Yuye, FUHENG and other brands, with a business area of more than 2000 square meters

Wuzhenhui, general manager of Fuqing xinbaihui lighting, introduced that he has been operating lighting products since 2003. Xinbaihui lighting is a new store opened in 2014. Fuqing xinbaihui lighting is located in the urban Kangcheng home building materials market. The whole store is positioned as medium and high-grade, mainly engaged in engineering and retail business. With a business area of 1700 square meters, it mainly acts as an agent for brands such as Rex, green leopard, shejian and capuso

before 2010, the company was mainly engineering oriented. Through market research, it was found that the local retail consumption capacity was also relatively strong. Therefore, the business model was adjusted in 2010. The company developed together through retail and engineering channels. Through several years of development, the retail market has opened up a lot of development space. This 1700 square meter new lighting store was opened in 2014. General manager Wu said that consumers choose decorative lighting products, which are the mainstream of local consumption. The per customer unit price is basically more than 10000 yuan

Changle yiluolan lighting

Changle yiluolan lighting is located on the crane in Changle City. Therefore, it also decided to adopt the single arm type to Zhenhai Strait building materials City, with a business area of about 400 square meters, mainly Acting yiluolan, Magellan, shejian and FUHENG

Maguoding, general manager of Roland lighting, said that he opened this store in 2015, and previously opened lighting stores in other places. At the beginning, I chose to come back to open a lighting store, mainly because I took a fancy to the local consumption capacity. There are not many business stores of local lighting merchants, and there is still a lot of room for development. It is also planned to open another store this year, mainly aiming at more high-end products. At present, the consumption of a local single household is between 20000 and 30000 yuan

Minhou Juxing lighting

Minhou Juxing lighting opened in 2015. It is located in Shimao building materials City, sugarcane street, Minhou County, with a business area of 350 square meters. It mainly acts as an agent for brands such as shejian, Songwei, convex Qi, FUHENG, etc. According to the owner's wife Chen Dan, she is a local of Minhou. She used to work in Fuzhou urban lighting. At that time, she chose to open a shop in Minhou County mainly because of the local consumption potential. Many new districts have been built in the new urban area of Minhou, and there are few professional lighting businesses around. Compared with the market competition, the market competition is not very fierce, and there is still a lot of room for development

many local consumers from the urban area will go to the urban building materials market to buy, and they all have high consumption power. Mainly through the selection of store decoration products and brands, as long as we can retain some potential customers, there will be a lot of business to do. The landlady revealed that customers now choose lighting products in the majority

lianjiang Dongfanghong lighting

lianjiang Dongfanghong lighting is located in Wenshan North Road, Lianjiang county, with a business area of 700 square meters. The main agent brands are Panasonic, jinyumantang, Jianyuan, etc

according to Zhuang Xincai, general manager of Dongfanghong lighting, he began to operate lighting products in 1998. Consumers mainly choose lighting products, and relatives and friends' home decoration are mainly lighting products. When decorating and selecting lights, they naturally tend to choose lighting products, which has formed a consumption habit, mainly because local consumers have certain economic strength

lianjiang zunge lighting

Chen Yanjie, the owner of Lianjiang zunge lighting, said that he opened this lighting store in 2015. Before, his family opened hardware and electrical stores in the town, especially on the weak operation surface of strip steel, and also operated some lighting products. Through the understanding of the local market, I found that the lighting industry has a certain development space, so I went to the county to open zunge lighting. The local single household consumption capacity is still OK, and there are more consumers with about 10000 yuan. Located in Dingsen Central Park of Lianjiang county, zunge lighting in Lianjiang county mainly acts as an agent for zunge, FUHENG, crystal love, etc

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