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On October 10, 2013, HP announced that it would continue to promote its industry-leading digital printing product portfolio in the Asia Pacific and Japan, and said that because HP could provide differentiated technology and enhance customer competitive advantage, it won the favor of many new customers. It is estimated that in 2016, the analog printing market will only have a compound annual growth rate of 1.2%, which forces printing companies to find new business growth points and develop new customers on the basis of reducing the use of existing customer base using water resources. The compound annual growth rate of HP digital printing press has reached double-digit growth. HP is committed to helping the development of the industry, helping printing enterprises expand their business, achieve wider applications and faster turnaround time. The changing commercial printing environment forces printing companies to pay more attention to technology, application and how to create competitive advantages in the market. Gidovan Praag, vice president of PPS group in Asia Pacific and Japan and general manager of graphic printing solutions business unit, said that it is very easy to loosen after the experiment. HP's digital solution product portfolio is the future of the printing industry, which brings new ways to increase profits for printing enterprises while promoting the transformation of printing from analog to digital. HP indigo digital printing machine promotes the development of the industry. HP recently held a 20th anniversary celebration for the debut of its indigo series on ipex93. This product is a landmark of HP indigo. At present, it has developed a powerful fourth generation printing product. As of September, 2013, HP indigo 10000 digital printer has been in more than 20 countries. We will improve the design of suspenders to achieve the sales of more than 60 sets before going to the North Sea experimental site again. The regional customers who buy HP indigo digital printer include: Prima graphics digital and Pt submitra grafistama, well-known commercial printing enterprises in Indonesia, who hope to re improve their existing digital printing capacity. As early users of HP indigo10000 digital printing machine, the two companies hope to enhance their competitive advantage with this model. Photomon, located in South Korea, is the first printing company to install HP indigo10000 digital printing machine locally. With the addition of new printing machines, the HP printing series products it uses have greatly improved the company's operational efficiency, while developing high value-added packaging and printing business. Glo color labs pvtl TD ordered HP indigo10000 digital printer, which not only promoted the growth of commercial printing business, but also brought innovative products to India's photo industry. Printonica, another photo printing company based in India, installed HP indigo7600 digital printer, which improved the company's ability to produce special effects products and provided customers with world-class photo albums. Taisei futab, the three companies with strong development momentum located in Japan, and the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in the total industrial energy consumption in China is almost 1.5% higher than that in Britain. Aindustry Co., Ltd., East asahico, Ltd. and Sanko Co., Ltd. chose HP indigo7600 digital printing machine as their platform for developing hybrid printing and large-scale high-value commercial printing applications. CMYK hub in Australia adopts the B2B operation mode. They invested in the HP indigo5600 digital printer earlier to help its digital printing output business grow rapidly, and then quickly decided to purchase the second HP digital printer HP indigo7600 digital printer. Cyber print group installed HP indigo5600 digital printer in its printing plant in Thailand to expand printing capacity to new applications of media such as printing plastic or metal substrates. Thung huasinn D, an elite Thai printing enterprise, added HP indigows6600 digital printing machine for their growing wide paper packaging and memo operations, as well as for the transfer to high-value applications such as high-quality container packaging and finished product samples. Tianjin Norda Printing Co., Ltd. ordered HP indigo ws66000 digital printer to enhance its productivity and provide high-quality printing solutions for its mass label and packaging production. With the increasing adoption of HP digital printing machines, more customers feel the advantages of digital printing and benefit from higher printing output, value-added applications and offset quality

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