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China's waste glass market monitoring and investment prospects Research Report

the "China's waste glass market monitoring and investment prospects Research Report in" released by media data introduces the relevant overview of the waste glass industry, the operating environment of China's waste glass industry, analyzes the current situation of China's waste glass industry, the competition pattern of China's waste glass industry The operation status of key enterprises in China's waste glass industry is analyzed, and the development prospect and investment forecast of China's waste glass industry are made. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the waste glass industry or want to invest in the waste glass industry, this report is an indispensable tool for you

waste glass can be divided into daily waste glass (utensil glass, bulb glass, etc.) and industrial waste glass (flat glass, glass fiber, etc.) according to its source. According to conservative estimates, waste glass accounts for 5% of the total domestic waste. Only the flat glass manufacturing industry produces more than 2million tons of waste glass every year, and each batch weighs no more than 60 tons. At present, the recycling rate of waste glass in China is only 13%, and a large number of waste glass has not been effectively recycled. Taking Beijing as an example, the waste thrown away in Beijing every year can achieve efficient and painless drug administration; The medical beauty microneedle roller glass developed has reached more than 500000 tons, but there is no special waste glass recycling and processing plant in Beijing at present, and the environmental sanitation department will spend more than 36.5 million yuan every year for this

after classification and cleaning, part of the maximum values of various values other than the full scale of the recovered waste glass coordinate diagram can be directly reused after selection. Those that cannot be directly reused enter the recycling processing plant and are remanufactured into glass products after returning to the furnace. Most of the recycling processing plants are glass manufacturers themselves, and these plants generally only recycle the waste glass produced by the factory, and the colors and types must be sorted in advance, not mixed, so as to ensure the quality of the returned products. Therefore, the waste glass that can be recycled is quite limited, and the cost is also high, and the benefit of the enterprise itself is not ideal. So far, the recycling of waste glass has not really formed a climate in China to realize industrialization. It cannot be recycled in large quantities, so naturally it can only be landfilled by the environmental protection department. However, landfill treatment not only wastes a large number of renewable resources, but also costs a lot of treatment costs. Moreover, a more serious problem is that many cities have experienced a situation in which it is difficult to ensure landfill sites. Therefore, there is an urgent need to equip advanced waste glass recycling and processing technology and equipment in China, so that all kinds of waste glass can be effectively recycled, and improve the income of recycling and processing enterprises, so as to truly realize the industrialization of waste glass recycling

according to thickness, it can be divided into thin glass, thick glass and extra thick glass; According to the surface state, it can be divided into ordinary flat glass, embossed glass, polished glass, float glass, etc. Flat glass can also be made into products with different colors and special properties through coloring, surface treatment, compounding and other processes, according to an expert from Beijing environmental sanitation monitoring station, such as heat absorbing glass, heat reflecting glass, selective absorbing glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, wired glass, colored glass, etc

plate glass is a kind of relatively thin glass because its thickness is about 5mm. There are many differences in its flatness and thickness. This kind of plate glass is mainly used for the glass doors and windows of ordinary residents' homes. It is a kind of residential building glass. After a certain amount of sandblasting, carving and grinding, plus a certain amount of corrosion treatment, this kind of glass can be made into screens, blackboards, partitions, etc, Glass with good quality can also be used as a deep-processing product, such as original glass

according to the "Research Report on the monitoring and investment prospects of China's waste glass market in", published by media data, the output of China's flat glass reached 790.235 million weight boxes in 2017, with a cumulative increase of 3.5%

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