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Polycarbonate plate makes the side window and door glass safer.

polycarbonate plate is a light material, which weighs only half as much as glass, greatly reducing the weight of the car body, saving energy and environmental protection. It is explosion-proof and shatterproof, and can always ensure the safety of passengers in the carriage. In the samito line and Mette line in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the side window door glass made of polycarbonate plate is a very prominent feature

the rail transit operation in Buenos Aires has always been a controversial topic. As an international metropolis, it is urgent to improve public transportation in Buxi. The car made of polycarbonate plate of CSR has brought hope to solve the problem

deputy director of the technology center of CSR Sifang to achieve the best hybrid effect Designer Jiang Xin introduced, "I believe that after 5 (1) 0 years of development, I say: "The maximum operating speed of this batch of intercity multiple units is 100 kilometers per hour. The 9-car train serving the samito line and the 6-car train serving the Mette line have 409 cars in the first batch of orders. The glass door wire made of polycarbonate plate will change the operation method of the experimental machine. At the same time, on the basis of not weakening the performance of the experimental machine, the windows and doors will bring safety to tens of thousands of people and avoid accidental injury."

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