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Poly China customized software development program helps the innovation and development of the cloud of Chinese Normal Education

with the progress of global information technology, various cloud platforms supported by cloud computing technology have greatly changed the ways of human information creation, transmission, reception, storage, interaction, processing and so on. Video conference can connect users in different places to the core platform of video conference through various video hardware or software terminals, and transmit audio and video signals from different conference sites to remote conference sites in real time. Users can make point-to-point calls, establish multi-party video calls, share various images and files, and communicate face-to-face at any time

with the continuous development of audio and video communication technology and moving towards the cloud era, poly, as a professional cloud video solution provider, adopts VAAs cloud video technology and is committed to providing users in various industries with high-definition, easy-to-use, stable and safe professional audio and video collaboration cloud services

Hedu is a well-known domestic technology company and a well-known overall solution provider of educational informatization in China. It is committed to the research, development, production and sales of supplies, solutions and digital teaching resource software for the production line of new energy-saving materials in Sichuan, promoting the change of teaching mode and promoting the balance of basic education resources in China and the world. The company's vision is to make education better through science and technology, and its mission is to connect every school in the world and make the world your classroom

a sudden COVID-19 is raging all over the world, and the demand for remote office applications is growing rapidly. From the video conference of medical experts from various countries to exchange and share experience, to the active response of schools at all levels to the call of the Ministry of education to suspend classes and schools, the application of audio and video conferencing is more widely used in the fields and scenes of remote video teaching and students' air classroom learning

in fact, the application of audio and video conferencing in the field of education can not only solve the isolation and prevention caused by the sudden epidemic, which brings many inconveniences to teaching, but also break the barriers of famous schools, achieve educational balance, integrate the excellent teacher resources of primary and secondary schools in urban areas, and ensure the online teaching effect of air classes through the technical service support of remote video teaching. Without leaving home, students can learn synchronously with teachers through, computers, tablets, etc., and enjoy high-quality education and teaching resources

at present, the brands and manufacturers of low-cost cloud video conferencing applications in the market are mixed. Many manufacturers, especially in customization, ease of use, security, scalability and other aspects, cannot meet the needs of the innovation and development of Chinese Normal Education cloud. China Normal Education chooses to cooperate with poly to jointly create a new teaching mode of teaching and learning, adapt to the application scenarios of users in the future distance education industry, meet the needs of digital classrooms, make it convenient for teachers and students to make course reservations and interact in the air classroom, make the classroom teaching a 8-story residential building more vivid, and make students' learning easier

poly, as a deep cultivator in the audio and video industry, is recognized and praised by the majority of users because of the hard core strength of professional audio and video codec technology and the high-quality audio and video communication experience and effect it brings to customers. With the rapid change and development of communication technology, the future is a more open future! Poly will open up the core audio and video codec processing technology and capabilities in the industry to better serve Chinese customers. Adhering to the service strategy of powered by poly and poly inside, based on the poly SDK intelligent audio and video engine development kit, it can customize and develop its own brand video software client for customers, and also support the embedding of audio and video communication capabilities into users' mobile OA and various apps or workflows

in the cooperation project with China Normal Education, poly China's R & D and support team will use the poly video engine development kit, based on the customized needs of China Normal Education, around the application scenarios of distance education teaching, and based on the four platforms of windows, MAC, Android and IOS, to create professional China Normal Education cloud software client products for China Normal Education, while providing users with a safe and convenient cloud video overall solution

the successful launch of the project reflects the successful practice of the localization strategy of poly in China, for China. Poly provides professional technology, and then retreats behind the scenes to get closer to customers. The project will become another customized application case and benchmark demonstration in the education industry. Poly makes use of the characteristics of SDK that can be integrated, customized and embedded to customize the development of Chinese normal education, and realizes intelligent audio and video collaboration to enable distance education, so that audio and video applications are not limited to the single business form of video conference, but go deep into the scenes and processes that meet the application characteristics of the education industry

poly development partner alliance

with the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of cloud video in various industries continues to develop in depth, including distance education, cloud office, telemedicine, remote consulting, remote video insurance claims, and so on. The application trend has also changed from general-purpose to customized. While experiencing convenience, we are paying more attention to security

In order to better serve Chinese customers, Poly has established a poly development cooperation. 2. Solutions to the failure of impact testing machine; The partner alliance strives to work with partners to take root in China and serve China. Through localized software development services, it goes deep into various industry applications, aiming to create a complete business ecosystem

about poly Boyi

poly Boyi (nyse: PLT) is an audio and video solution provider focused on bringing excellent experience to global users. Whenever and wherever, poly Boyi is committed to making every communication and collaboration meaningful! Our professional earphones, audio and video conferencing systems, desktops are exquisitely designed, equipped with advanced analysis software and quality services, to bring users an excellent feeling of clear listening and communication. In addition, poly Boyi's professional products and solutions are not only easy to deploy and use, but also can seamlessly connect with the vast majority of audio and video conference platform services in the world. Poly Boyi (a combination of binteli and Polycom) helps you show yourself in every communication and stand out from the crowd

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