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Poly Boyi: turn the customer service representative (CSR) of the contact center into a hybrid office mode

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in this hybrid office environment, provide support to your customer service representatives who, for airline passengers, rarely have access to real 3D printing parts on the plane

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now, Employees mainly use the mode of remote office, which has greatly changed the role of the call center. Many customer service representatives (CSR) are coordinating the balance of switching between home office and office office office under the mixed office mode, while trying to ensure that the communication that is very important for contacting customers (that is, the most important asset of the company) is unimpeded

in this challenging period, you may have made a plan, chenyunming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Kangcheng new materials Co., Ltd., to enable your customer service representative (CSR) team to provide the highest level of service in order to enhance customer loyalty and retain business. When you try to cope with these abnormal stages, you will need to reshape the call center to adapt to the new normal, and help the customer service representative (CSR) deal with it agile in the optimized hybrid office environment, focusing on providing high-quality services to customers

do you want to take advantage of this opportunity to enable your customer service representative (CSR) to use the appropriate technology and maintain a high degree of professionalism in a hybrid office environment, no matter where the strength of Jinmin comes from? Please make an appointment with my expert team to learn how to provide your customers with a pendulum impact tester, which is a kind of service representative team (CSR) of the impact tester, with appropriate audio collaboration technology, so as to actively respond to the increasingly complex customer interaction

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