The hottest pollution-free degradable mulching fil

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Pollution free degradation can only play a greater role if we keep pace with the times and have good equipment. Plastic film is launched in Shanghai

without any manual treatment, the tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine, which can degrade or pulverize non-public film by itself. It has been successfully studied and identified by Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry. The pollution-free degradable film uses polyethylene as the matrix, and then adds degradation additives such as photo oxidative degradation agent, oxidative degradation accelerator, biodegradable agent and degradation control agent, which also provides more choice space. It is prepared by a unique process, with low cost, and is suitable for large-scale production. Researchers will develop more than 10 tons of mulching film in more than 4000 mu of vegetable, melon, fruit and flower fields in the suburbs of Shanghai. After covering all the fields with mulching film, the crops have achieved the same effect of heat preservation and high yield as ordinary mulching film. After 3 to 6 months, the mulch film left in the field can be degraded, cracked or completely powdered under the operation method of sunlight, and the part of the mulch film pressed in the field can also be powdered by itself without polluting the soil. Using this kind of mulching film can save the cost of manual treatment of mulching film, and its technical performance is internationally leading. Experts believe that it helps to protect the ecological environment and has good economic benefits. It is worth popularizing and using in a large area of rural areas in China

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