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Pollution free beam water-based paint decoration Geely's first B-class Dihao EC718

pollution free beam water-based paint decoration Geely's first B-class Dihao EC718

August 25, 2009

[China paint information] in the stamping workshop of Dihao EC718, the 2000 ton giant stamping line is a fully automatic production line with abb manipulator. From feeding to stamping parts, the whole process realizes unmanned and fully automatic operation. It is also equipped with the most advanced auxiliary equipment, such as cleaning machine, turnover machine, oiler, etc. Except for ABB manipulator produced in Sweden and molds produced by Fuji company in Japan, other large-scale equipment are made in duer, Germany

the equipment in the welding workshop mainly includes the spot welding robot and gluing robot produced by ABB in Sweden, the friction body reserve line produced by Dafu in Japan, the automatic nut conveyor, etc. According to the staff, the main welding line is a flexible production line, which can produce EC718 and ec718-rv at the same time. The key quality control points of the welding process are welded by the welding robot provided by ABB. In the product standard, the technical requirements for food contact materials are clarified in four aspects. All fixtures are produced by Fuji company in Japan. The CMM in this workshop is a Toro measuring machine imported from Italy

Dihao EC718 adopts the German water-based coating process spraying robot and the paint mixing and conveying system of automatic paint mixing, paint conveying, paint spraying and color changing in line with the concept of environmental protection, so as to ensure the uniformity of the paint surface and the gloss and freshness of the body surface, and the paint utilization rate can also reach more than 98%. The paint used by Dihao EC718 is water-based paint. At present, only 3-4 joint ventures in China use it. Its solvent is water, which does not pollute the environment at all

the final assembly workshop is the place that can best reflect the modernization level of EC718 production. The deformation measurement index parameters of this electronic universal testing machine workshop has a high utilization rate due to the modular and integrated assembly. The front and rear axles of the chassis, the engine and the transmission are modular assembled first, and then the assemblies are transported to the assembly line by the computer-controlled fully automatic AGV trolley. The testing equipment for the final assembly is also very advanced, including plane control test blocks such as the four-wheel aligner in duer, Germany, the hub laboratory, and the glass gluing robot of ABB in Switzerland

emgrand EC718 is a new strategic model that Geely has been developing for 3 years. Equipped with a CVVT engine and a new five speed manual transmission, it has been adjusted by a European professional company to improve the medium and low speed torque by 10%, the high-speed end power by 8%, and the fuel economy by 5%. The maximum power of 102kw/6000rpm and the maximum torque of 172nm/4200rpm have reached the superior level among vehicles with a displacement of 1.8L, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 6.5 liters

emgrand EC718 is Geely's first global model built to export to the European and American markets. It is equipped with 4 airbags, 2 side airbags, and the world's leading BMBS system. This model fully considers pedestrian protection, collision in all directions, material recycling and other issues, and meets various safety standards and emission standards. Therefore, the following aspects need to be pointed out and explained, such as green certification standards. Zhao Fuquan, vice president of Geely, said: Dihao EC718 shoulders the heavy responsibility of reshaping and improving Geely's brand value and image. It is a strategic model built by integrating global resources

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