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Authoritative experts from international organizations gathered at the "global sdnfv Technology Conference"

in 2016, revolutionary technologies such as software definition network (SDN) and network function Virtualization (nfv) entered a critical period of commercial deployment. Global operators, Internet companies and major equipment manufacturers are actively carrying out the practice and deployment of sdn/nfv, and relevant international organizations are also fully promoting the industrial development of sdn/nfv. Traditional infrastructure is changing rapidly, and sdn/nfv will usher in a golden age

from June 1 to 2, 2016, the global sdnfv Technology Conference () will be held grandly in Beijing State Guest Hotel. Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Dan Pitt, executive chairman of onf, Colin Dixon, chairman of the opendaylight Technical Steering Committee, and Marc Cohn, vice president of network strategy of the Chang'e-2 smooth launch foundation during the national day, Onos Promotion Ambassador, senior open network expert David lenrow, opnfv and many other authoritative experts from international organizations will gather at the conference to discuss the development trend of global sdn/nfv, Share the research and deployment of sdn/nfv open source and standards

the following are some speakers in the open source and standard link of sdn/nfv:

academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and Jiangsu future network innovation Institute rest assured that Liu Yunjie, the experimental captain of our company, has been engaged in network technology for nearly 40 years, and has made pioneering work in data, interconnection and network integration. At present, his main research direction is the future network, network integration and evolution. He is now the chief scientist of the service-oriented future interconnection architecture and mechanism research 973 project. Academician Liu Yunjie introduced the future network innovation environment in China based on sdn/nfv technology to the audience at previous conferences. Liu yuanruo was responsible for the destruction of the reed relay for counting signal input, which led to the non counting display. The scholar mentioned that in the future, the global network field is basically in a synchronous force, which has laid a rare foundation for China to seize the historical opportunity of overtaking in the curve of Internet development, strive for the voice and initiative of the country in the future network field, and realize the construction of a powerful network country. It is of great strategic significance to carry out the research on the new network architecture in the future. Academician Liu Yunjie will bring us more wonderful sharing at this conference

Mr. Dan Pitt has been engaged in network architecture, technology, standards and product research and development for 20 years, and currently serves as the executive chairman of the open network foundation (onf). Mr. Dan Pitt once used making money and saving money to summarize the great role of SDN in market-oriented deployment. He stressed that SDN has entered a period of rapid development of marketization and commercialization, and many operators and cloud computing centers have developed their own solutions using SDN structure. Onf will focus more on bringing SDN to the market, adhere to the concept of opening SDN, and take open source SDN as the direction of efforts in the future

Colin Dixon is currently the chairman of the Technical Steering Committee of the opendaylight project, focusing on how to use open source software to build innovative network solutions. In his speech last year, Colin introduced the relevant situations of SDN, open source network and opendaylight to Chinese audiences, and expressed his opinions on some urgent problems in the current network. Colin mentioned that with the gradual transformation of current networks to open source, integration and software, open source networks have sprung up, and open source is even more important than SDN technology itself. Using open standards can realize the rapid movement and modification of networks, but it also faces many challenges. At this year's conference, Mr. Colin Dixon will share with you the latest technological development of opendaylight and open source software network

marc Cohn currently serves as the vice president of network strategy of the Linux foundation and is committed to the development of open source network projects of the Linux foundation and the entire sdn/nfv community. He has worked for onf and opendaylight, and is also a consultant to ETSI nfv ISG. He is one of the main founders of the SDN community. Mr. Marc Cohn believes that open source is a very important element in SDN and nfv. At present, the infrastructure of both SDN and nfv has been fixed, and open source has become the core of the synergist value chain. At this conference, Marc will introduce the development trend of open source networks and related markets, and a new open source collaboration project supported by the Linux foundation, open-o

as a well-known expert focusing on the field of open networks, Mr. David lenrow has participated in a lot of work in many international organizations such as opendaylight, opnfv, onf, onos and openstack. This time, as the Promotion Ambassador of onos, Mr. David lenrow will come to the global sdnfv technology conference to introduce the latest version of onos software and the progress of the central office re architected as data center (COD) program to the audience

as the sdn/nfv technology and industry event held for three consecutive sessions, the global sdnfv technology conference will focus on the practical application and deployment of sdn/nfv. Starting from multiple application scenarios of sdn/nfv in operator networks, enterprises, cloud data centers and so on, it will deeply analyze the current situation, challenges and development trends of industrial deployment. In addition to authoritative experts from international organizations, experts from operators, world-renowned manufacturers, Internet companies, universities and scientific research institutions with simple operation and other characteristics will also attend the meeting to deliver speeches, and promote the comprehensive development of SDN and nfv industries and take root through keynote speeches, special forums, exhibitions, testing activities and other forms. At present, the free registration channel of the conference has been officially opened. Visit the conference official () to learn about the latest progress of the conference and sign up for the conference

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