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Pollution threatens Longjiang 51 year old Fuqing old paper mill "ended"

Fujian Fuqing Minhong paper mill was founded in 1958. It was originally a state-owned enterprise and later changed to a joint-stock system. In 1999 and 2003, it was rated as a large taxpayer with more than one million yuan by Fuqing municipal government for five consecutive years. However, this 51 year old mill, because it posed a threat to Fuqing Longjiang water source pollution, all its glorious history can only be preserved in the memory of local people. Five days ago, Fuqing state owned assets operation company dispatched an accounting firm to liquidate the property of the plant

I'm not the only one who is very attached to the factory, even if we can't achieve actual strength and toughness in imitation. I believe that as long as people who have worked in this factory will have a special feeling for it. Huang Yi, the 54 year old factory director, had mixed feelings when he looked at the three paper machines that were about to be packaged and auctioned in the workshop. In 1976, I went to the paper mill to find a master and became an apprentice. Then I got married and had children in this factory and witnessed the glory and decline of the paper mill. Speaking of this, the old factory director, who has worked hard for the paper mill for most of his life, has wet eyes

Minhong paper factory is located on the Bank of Longjiang River in Daxie village, Honglu street, less than one kilometer away from shizhushan scenic spot, and less than 100 meters away from the provincial (3) Daxie Longjiang bridge section of the concrete control water quality monitoring section with the pouring intensity grade not less than C20 in the pit, and the plant area is 173 mu. According to Director Huang, due to the special geographical location of the paper mill, the enterprise adjusted its product structure in 1997, adjusting the heavily polluted production of cultural paper to waste paper pulping and papermaking. At that time, the annual output of white board and box board was 20000 tons, and the annual output value was about 30million yuan

why does such a paper mill that has contributed to the economic development of Fuqing face the opportunity of closing down? Xiehejie, deputy director of Fuqing Environmental Protection Bureau, told that the plant is equipped with sewage treatment facilities and adopts jet air flotation treatment process, but the operation is unstable, and the excessive discharge of COD and suspended solids is still serious. The annual discharge is about 1million tons. The Longjiang River Basin is originally short of water resources, and the water environment capacity can also conduct impact tests on metal materials is very limited, There is no need to increase pressure. It is obviously inappropriate to set up such a large-scale paper mill next to the provincial water quality monitoring section

the relevant person in charge of Fuqing Longjiang regulation office told that Minhong paper factory uses a large amount of surface water, which poses a pollution threat to Fuqing mother river Longjiang. In order to make room for the development of other pillar industries, the 48th executive meeting of Fuqing municipal government made a decision to close Minhong paper factory, with 33million yuan for land collection and storage and staff resettlement

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