The hottest pollution in Haihe River Basin in Hena

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The pollution in the Haihe River Basin in Henan Province increased last year, and the illegal sewage discharge of paper mills was the main reason. Engel said on the morning of June 3 that the 2007 Environmental Status Bulletin of Henan Province issued by the Henan Environmental Protection Bureau showed that the pollution in the Zhonghai River Basin in the four major river basins in Henan Province increased

according to the 2007 Henan Provincial Environmental Status Bulletin, the surface water quality in Henan Province was classified as light pollution in 2007. Compared with 2006, the overall pollution degree of surface water is basically stable, and the pollution degree of Huaihe River, Yellow River and Yangtze river basins under the jurisdiction of Henan Province has basically not changed or decreased. Only the damage and deformation of low-carbon cast iron in Haihe River Basin has increased

in response to the pollution problem in the Haihe River Basin, Li Qingrui, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Henan Province, said that Xinxiang County has a large number of paper-making enterprises, with a large total amount of sewage discharge, and some enterprises even illegally discharge, which is a main reason for the intensification of pollution in the Haihe River Basin. The heavily polluted Liudian paper mill has been shut down according to law

June 5 of this year is the 37th World Environment Day. The theme of this year's world environment day in China is green Olympics and environment-friendly society

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