The hottest pollution control storm in Hunan blows

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Hunan "pollution storm" blows to the paper industry

"this time, the province has made a determination to shut down and rectify all polluting paper-making enterprises. Local governments should accurately convey the information to enterprises, and if there is a problem, they should take off your 'hat'." Wang Silian, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress, told local government officials this everywhere he went

Dongting Lake, known as the "kidney of the Yangtze River", is surrounded by more than 100 paper mills of all sizes. Over the years, the wastewater from papermaking is directly discharged into the lake without any treatment. Fish and shrimp die and stink, and people complain. At the end of 2006, the Hunan provincial Party committee and the Hunan provincial government decided to shut down and rectify small paper mills, setting off a massive "pollution storm"

in early April, the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress and the smell in the car of Hunan Province were the most concerned areas of major engine manufacturers. The Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial government's inspection office and the media formed an inspection team, which went to Yueyang, Yiyang and Changde in three ways to check whether 154 paper-making enterprises that failed to meet the pollution control standards were shut down according to the requirements of the provincial government

due to rich profits and disorderly management, a number of small paper mills have sprung up in Dongting Lake District in recent years, 101 around the lake alone, while there are nearly 250 paper mills in Yueyang, Yiyang and Changde in the lake district. Except for two with environmental protection facilities, the production wastewater of other enterprises is directly discharged into Dongting Lake without any treatment, which can meet the requirements of casting experiments and cause serious pollution

since last year, the central leadership has attached great importance to the pollution of Dongting Lake, and Dongting Lake has also become a "tumor" affecting Hunan's environmental governance, which must be eradicated. "There is great pressure on emission reduction in Hunan Province. Last year, the national emission reduction target was not achieved, and the emission of sulfur dioxide and COD (chemical oxygen demand) in Hunan is still far higher than the national average level, of which the papermaking pollution of Dongting Lake is the culprit." Li Jijun, deputy director of Hunan Environmental Protection Bureau, said

At the end of 2006, Hunan Province set off a "storm" to control papermaking pollution in Dongting Lake. A four stage remediation plan has been formulated:

in the first stage, before the end of 2006, 8 pulp and paper enterprises that have exceeded the standard for a long time or have no pollution prevention and control facilities will be closed; In the second stage, before March 31 this year, 146 pulp and paper enterprises and waste paper enterprises with substandard emissions will be shut down; In the third stage, by the end of this year, enterprises that do not meet the pollution discharge standards will be closed, and pulp and paper enterprises with a production capacity of more than 50000 tons, complete alkali recovery devices and stable discharge, as well as waste paper and paper enterprises with a production capacity of more than 10000 tons, complete waste water treatment facilities and discharge standards, will resume production after passing the acceptance; In the fourth stage, at the beginning of 2008, the provincial government organized a comprehensive assessment and acceptance

the resolute attitude of Wang Silian, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress, who led the team to Yiyang City for inspection, directly reflects the determination of Hunan Province. Wang Silian specially asked the relevant departments to draw a "papermaking process flow chart". "Where are the key parts? Whether they have been removed or not, you should go directly to the scene and carefully check them. If you find any problems, they will be exposed immediately."

a noteworthy detail is that in the inspection of Yiyang City, the head of the Organization Department of Yiyang Municipal Party committee accompanied the inspection. Wang Silian said, "this time, the province is serious, and this rectification must sacrifice some local interests. Although there are many contradictions, common problems and solutions in the operation of the friction and wear testing machine should be based on the overall situation, and the subordinate should obey the superior."

almost at the same time, Xu Xianping, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and vice governor, led the heads of banking, labor, civil affairs, environmental protection and other departments to Dongting Lake District to investigate the closure of paper mills, forming a high-pressure policy situation. According to the relevant deployment, the organization, supervision and other departments will also send people to conduct spot checks

Li Jijun, deputy director of Hunan Environmental Protection Bureau, believes that this "pollution storm" is a comprehensive improvement of the paper industry in Dongting Lake

in Yuanjiang golden sun paper company, there are dilapidated factories in front of us, and some workers are transporting reeds by water. Xueyongxiang, the person in charge of the company, said that this enterprise was formerly owned by the army. After the restructuring in 2002, he spent 8million yuan to buy it. Now there are more than 280 migrant workers, who pay 30000 yuan a year to Yuanjiang Environmental Protection Bureau

Hunan building materials Paper Co., Ltd., located in Nanxian County, is a state-owned enterprise. It has been shut down for seven or eight years, and thousands of employees rely on factory renting to make a living. When asking for materials, the person in charge of "staying behind" grumbled, "now even paper can't be produced, what materials are there?"

the person in charge said, "it was not illegal to produce before. It would be illegal to start production after the shutdown on March 31." Liu Shuai, deputy director of the office of the environmental and assets supervision and Administration Commission of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress, said with emotion: "as the person in charge of the enterprise, the awareness of environmental protection is so poor. China's environmental protection legislation has long been in place, and the national law is not as good as the administrative order of the government!"

when he came to Fengyuan paper factory, the boss went to attend the environmental impact assessment meeting held by Hunan Environmental Protection Bureau in Yiyang City. This paper mill, which was first run by the local state-owned farm, is relatively large. Although it has been restructured, the plant is very dilapidated, and the equipment is rusty and stained everywhere. Wang Zhigao, a security guard, said that after the shutdown of the enterprise on the 30th, there were only more than 10 security guards, and everyone else went home on holiday

Nanxian Senyu paper company is a recycled paper enterprise, and the pollution is smaller than that of pulping enterprises. Bu Yaohui, the person in charge, told that the enterprise paid more than 200000 yuan of tax to the county last year. At present, the most worrying thing is that the production has been suspended for a long time and is out of line with the market. "The enterprise has invested 5million yuan and has been running for four years. It is an investment attraction project in the county. At the beginning, the government did not require environmental protection equipment. We believe that pulp enterprises can do it, not to mention recycled paper enterprises?"

Bu Yaohui said that several of their neighboring pulp and recycled paper enterprises are preparing to jointly build a sewage discharge facility. At present, they are already doing an environmental assessment and hope to resume production as soon as possible. "Now we have the ability to treat the sewage well, and we have to face the reality."

Li Jijun, deputy director of Hunan Environmental Protection Bureau, is optimistic. He believes that this "pollution storm" is a comprehensive improvement of the paper industry in Dongting Lake. "The paper industry is an industry to be developed in Dongting Lake area. Since it is a development industry, and pollution is a problem that must be broken through in industrial development, many enterprises will be under pressure and will actively find ways to scale up after the government closes down. Because only when they are scaled up can environmental protection equipment operate, otherwise the production scale is too small, and even if they are equipped with environmental protection facilities, they will not be able to operate because of the high cost."

"the development of enterprises must be based on non pollution. The development of enterprises is not isolated, so that the people around the enterprises cannot survive. How can enterprises survive?" Li Jijun added

behind the flooding of pulp and recycled paper mills, business owners earn high profits, local governments have taxes, and government departments have charges, thus forming a gray interest chain

"what is this factory called? It's not even a workshop. It's simply a waste recycling bin." After inspecting many so-called paper-making enterprises, director Wang Silian said helplessly

in a small workshop called stalagmite paper factory in Heshan District, Yiyang City, reeds are soaked in the pool, using the papermaking process of Cai Lun in those days. The sewage is directly discharged into Zhixi River, the main tributary of Zishui, polluting the drinking water source of Yiyang City

the person in charge of the enterprise told that their three shareholders each invested 200000 yuan to determine the production sequence by drawing lots. The first two shareholders each produced for a year, and their production was stopped by the government after more than a month

in Taojiang County, there are 61 small photochemical pulping workshops. So, what is the reason for the "vigorous development" of these small paper mills

an in-depth interview found that behind so many pulping and recycled paper mills, some of which did not even have any procedures, but were overrun, business owners earned high profits, employed workers also earned wages, local governments had taxes, and government departments had charges, thus forming a gray chain of interests

in Taojiang County, ask the villagers working in the paper mill, "is the pollution serious?" The villagers said, "it's not serious. The water they eat is tap water from the mountain." Just next to the paper mill, the whole stream became a "Red River" due to pollution

there are more than ten pulping and recycled paper enterprises in Heshan District of Yiyang City. In order to prevent melt stagnation or adhesion, the District Environmental Protection Bureau said that no one has gone through environmental protection procedures, only one has gone through industrial and commercial administration procedures, but it is strange that these enterprises have to pay "sewage charges", "industrial and commercial charges", taxes and so on every year. Such illegal production enterprises that may be closed by the government at any time, but with the tacit consent of the local government, create "wealth" at the expense of the environment, and a number of departments and individuals rely on it for survival

"inadequate environmental law enforcement and weak supervision are the reasons for the blind development of polluting paper mills. Now there is an unspeakable 'ambiguous relationship' between environmental protection departments and enterprises. Sometimes enterprises turn a blind eye when they pay the pollution discharge fee." A local government official said

Xiao Liang, vice mayor of Yuanjiang municipal government, used "shock therapy" to describe this pollution remediation. Due to the inextricable links, pollution control is a test of the governing ability of local governments

various signs show that these closed polluting enterprises are taking a wait-and-see attitude

in fact, the governance of Dongting Lake paper mill has been stormy for many years. In the past, there was often thunder and little rain. As long as it was shut down for a period of time, it would reopen production after the wind. The situation of opening and closing, opening and closing, and closing more and more

"sometimes dealing with an abducted and trafficked woman will lead to a siege by villagers, not to mention hundreds of thousands of yuan of property. Now it is a wait-and-see, and on the day of complete closure, contradictions may erupt!" A staff member of Hunan Provincial People's Congress judged

in fact, even with environmental protection facilities, it is difficult to ensure that enterprises do not secretly exhaust because of their high operating costs. One evening in early April, I took a boat to the sewage outlet of Yuanjiang paper mill with environmental protection equipment and saw white foam. Wang Hansheng, a 63 year old boatman of Dongting Lake, told that the water surface here was better than before, but there was still pollution. "It was better in recent months. There was a lot more foam in the past than today."

"supervision is still beneficial. It can solve some problems. Once it is supervised, it can be done well. If it is not supervised, it will be tricky." Wang Hansheng said

"if any enterprise starts production in violation of regulations, you'll wait to take off the 'hat' Such weighty language is the reflection of director Wang Silian's idea of pollution control. "Our people's Congress can't manage enterprises, so we need to supervise local governments and urge them to strengthen supervision. If there are problems and the local governments don't solve them, the people's Congress should play its role and supervise the handling of local officials."

on February 6, Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau made a surprise inspection on Xiangyin Fenglong paper company and found that the polluting enterprise ordered to shut down tore the seal and started work without authorization six days after it stopped production. Subsequently, the person in charge of Xiangyin County was punished

however, some local officials disapproved that the NPC's model of supervision and control of pollution is effective, but some institutional problems must be solved, such as the environmental protection department cannot survive on sewage charges, otherwise the game of "cat and mouse" will be endless

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