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Polycarbonate overcapacity

is the golden age of polycarbonate (PC) industry. With the rapid development of IT industry, the global demand for polycarbonate has increased significantly, with an annual growth rate of more than 15%. The price of polycarbonate is at a high level. The Asian market price (CFR) once reached the peak of 3500 US dollars/t, and the supply is seriously insufficient. Downstream manufacturers have to strive for rationing to meet production. During this period, the obvious profit margin of polycarbonate industry prompted manufacturers to increase production capacity, and also attracted new manufacturers to enter the field

in 2001, the market situation took a sharp turn for the worse, and the global economic contraction led to a 7% reduction in polycarbonate demand to 1.9 million tons. Consumption in Europe fell by 10 per cent and in the United States by 20 per cent, while consumption in these two regions accounted for 50 per cent of the global total. Among them, in 2001 and the beginning of this year, most producers ran fiscal deficits. In the first half of this year, the market situation improved, the demand resumed to grow, the price exhibition scope of polycarbonate was also expanding, and the profits were improved. In the second quarter, the Asian market price of general-purpose polycarbonate (CFR) increased by USD/t compared with the first quarter, which was USD/t, and the price of optical polycarbonate reached USD/t. The manufacturer hopes to make profits in 2002

however, the pace of recovery has slowed down recently. Since most of the new devices will be put into operation in, the polycarbonate industry is facing the crisis of overcapacity. Whether the expanded market demand can absorb the significantly increased capacity in the medium term has become the primary problem of the industry

optimistic view: the U.S. economic recovery will drive the global economy, and Ge Neng polycarbonate has a rapid development, with a large profit increase space. These factors will increase the medium and short-term demand for polycarbonate. However, the economic growth of the United States in the second quarter was not ideal, and the prospects for a comprehensive recovery of the international economy were dim. Therefore, there are also views that the market for end products such as cd/vcd is depressed, and the price pressure increases, and the polycarbonate market will become worse

HP and BASF will also exchange views again and declare that:

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