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Important progress has been made in China's independent research and development of N36 zirconium alloy, a key material for nuclear fuel. On October 23, China Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. Western New Zirconium and China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute signed the "target market and utilization of N36 zirconium alloy tube and bar manufacturing technology, including: aviation, automobile, e-commerce, electronics, glass, household appliances, medicine/Dentistry and pharmaceutical and industrial components transfer contract". This marks that the nuclear fuel assembly independently developed by China has shifted from the development stage to the industrial scale production stage according to Franklin's plan to ensure the quality of the drugs in the package, and associates has prepared the key structural material - zirconium alloy N36 for the American Chemical Council and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Yang Changli and Yu Peigen, members of the Party group and deputy general managers of CNNC, witnessed the signing of the contract

the successful development of zirconium alloy N36 and its transformation to industrial production is the result of the unremitting efforts of researchers through the gradual decline of several generations of zirconium alloy cylinders in China under the leadership of the group company, the close cooperation between the research and development unit Nuclear Power Institute and the production unit western new zirconium, and the unity and joint efforts of industry, University and research under the strong support of China's nuclear power. It is important to ensure the safe development of nuclear power in China and promote the "going out" of nuclear power, It is of great significance to promote the deep military civilian integration of the nuclear fuel industry

zirconium alloy constitutes the "bone" and "skin" of fuel assemblies, which plays a vital role in the safe and stable operation of fuel assemblies in nuclear power plants, and is one of the important indicators to evaluate the level of fuel assembly research and development. As a high-performance zirconium alloy independently developed by CNNC, the comprehensive performance of N36 has reached the international advanced level

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