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Nubia z17s intelligence is about to become DTS headset:x audio technology

Nubia z17s intelligence is about to become DTS headset:x audio technology

infinite potential -- integrating cutting-edge technology to bring high-quality audio experience to consumers

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dts is the global leader in high-definition audio solutions, It is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of xperi Corporation (NASDAQ: xper, hereinafter referred to as xperi). We are pleased to announce that Nubia z17s smart integrates DTS headphone:x technology. This milestone marks the first time Nubia has integrated DTS headphone:x audio technology into its intelligence, bringing consumers an excellent immersive audio experience

accounts for about 95% of total exports

dts headset: X technology not only provides a real immersive 3D audio experience, but also optimizes and tunes the six headset models recommended by DTS and the two Nubian noise reduction headphones using ring iron technology. DTS headset: X technology enables consumers to experience unparalleled sound effects when enjoying their favorite games, movies and music

we are very excited to be able to jointly promote the influence of cutting-edge audio technology with the world's most innovative intelligence, including Nubia's z17s, said Christopher Lang, vice president of xperi group and general manager of Greater China. As we continue to integrate DTS headset:x technology into more and more devices around the world, we are gradually fulfilling our commitment to bring immersive audio experience to the vast number of consumers

Nubian z17s smart will be launched in China on October 19, 2017

for more information about DTS, please visit or contact DTS through DTS official Weibo and DTS official account

Introduction to DTS, Inc.

DTS, founded in 1993, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xperi Corporation and is committed to bringing a better sound experience to global consumers. Through its first audio solution for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinemas, automobiles and other fields, DTS brings an excellent and pleasant immersive audio experience to audiences around the world. DTS technology has been integrated into more than 2 billion devices worldwide, and its global mainstream video and audio streaming service providers are increasingly choosing DTS to bring excellent sound effects to their audience's connected devices. For more information, visit

Introduction to xperi Corporation

xperi Corporation (NASDAQ: xper) and its wholly-owned subsidiaries DTS, fotonation, invensas and tessera are committed to creating innovative technical solutions to bring extraordinary music experiences to music lovers around the world. Xperi's solutions are licensed by hundreds of leading partners worldwide and have been integrated into billions of products in many fields, including top-level audio, broadcasting, computational imaging, computer vision, mobile computing and communications, memory, data storage, and 3D semiconductor interconnection and packaging. For more information, please call or visit

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