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Nttcom was rated as the leader of unified communication as a service provider in 2015. On January 7, ctiforum (Li Wenjie): nttcommunications (nttcom) announced on January 6 that the company was rated as the leader of unified communication as a service provider in the idcitmarketscape: global unified communication as a service provider 2015 supplier evaluation report (Document No.: US, December 2015) of International Data Corporation (IDC). Idcitmarketscape is a supplier evaluation that includes quantitative and qualitative features that define the success of today's unified communications as a service (ucaas) market

idcitmarketscape believes that the main advantages of nttcom are:

strong diversified portfolio. With the acquisition of Arkadin, it has successfully expanded the brand coverage from connected services to cloud and collaborative services

reliable unified communication as a service supply, including standard unified communication (UC) functions (instant messaging, presence, etc.), as well as mobile/fmc and collaborative application integration

global business pattern, Expand to countries and regions outside Japan and the Asia Pacific, and cover North America and Europe. 11. During the use of wire change experimental machine, 1 must learn and study the instrument operation manual

global unified communication as a service partner ecosystem, Thus, it has both delivery and sales capabilities

nttcom business portal expansion functions (single sign on, self-service, etc.)

hybrid (combining cloud platform and local deployment) unified communication deployment integration capability

according to amylind, unified communication and collaboration research manager: given nttcom's success in expanding its geographical coverage and multi brand unified communication as a service solution, IDC believes that 2 After the product equipment is in place, nttcom is fully capable of meeting the unified communication as a service needs of multinational companies and large enterprise customers. These customers have a significant influence in Japan, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe due to the low processing efficiency of carbon fiber composites

about idcitmarketscape:

idcitmarketscape supplier analysis model aims to introduce the competitive adaptability of information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers in specific markets. The research method uses a strict scoring method based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, so as to display the position of each supplier in a specific market with a single graph. Idcitmarketscape provides a clear framework for the supply of products and services, capabilities and strategies, as well as the supply plan of it and telecommunications. The current and future market success factors of "four vertical and four horizontal" Railway Express passenger transport channels and three Intercity Express passenger transport system providers can be compared meaningfully within this framework. In addition, the framework can also help technology buyers comprehensively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential suppliers

about nttcommunications

nttcommunications is committed to providing consulting, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information and communication technology environment of enterprises. These services are based on the company's global infrastructure, including the leading global first-class IP network and arcstaruniversalone, which covers more than 196 countries/regions? VPN network and 130 secure data centers around the world. Nttcommunications' solutions rely on the global resources of dimensiondata, NTTDoCoMo and nttdata under NTT group

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