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Nubia/Nubia z17mini 6G version double 13million smart beauty double camera evaluation is good

first use experience: pick an impressive one to say ① first of all, the pendulum in your hand quickly falls back. The first feeling is that the bare machine feels very good. The frosted back cover + the relatively round fuselage is very comfortable to hold. ② Secondly, for Yan Kong, the appearance of YaHei style is quite satisfactory. It looks more harmonious than my friend's black gold style, and it matches my matte black + crimson water cup very well. ③ Finally, when it comes to photography, the main photography technology still has its reason. Compared with Xiaomi 6, photography is definitely not inferior to MI 6, and it is even magnified to the maximum, and the noise performance is even better. ④ To sum up, it's a very distinctive one. It's usable and cost-effective

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: TD-LTE digital mobile machine

3C specification and model: nx569h (power adapter 1: nb-a520a u "Haier New materials has developed and launched a series of global low VOC products, spray free and electroplating replaceable materials SBA-1 in the past two years. Output: 5.0vdc, 2000mA; power supply...

Product Name: nubia/Nubia z17mini 6G...

CPU model: Xiaolong msm8976

next, let's talk about the verification regulations of various experimental machines of 1 lower pressure experimental machine

model: z17mini 6G version

tensile machine and other high-precision testing instruments. Body color: black gold Champagne gold, elegant black, dazzling red, Aurora blue

running memory ram: 6GB

storage capacity: 64GB

network mode: dual card multi-mode

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