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Nuance swiveling platform won the "2012cti forum recommendation Award"

ctiforum January 7 news (Fan Yi): nuance communication company (nasdaq:nuan) recently won the 2012 CTI forum recommendation Award for mobile innovative products issued by CTI forum

zhengyuqing, general manager of nuance Greater China, said: this award confirms nuance's innovative achievements in the field of mobile products. Nuance innovatively combines voice with a variety of cutting-edge text input technologies to bring the industry's only true multimodal input solution - the new swype (swipe) platform. In addition to providing consumers with a new type of lightweight pet aerogel coated with flame retardant to choose more text input methods, swype (swipe) can also interpret the user's personal language style and bring users a very fast, flexible and accurate use experience, all of which will make the mobile internet life more exciting! We also believe that this vivid and intelligent keyboard will lead the way of input into a new era

swype (swipe) is the world's best input method platform, designed to bring an excellent use experience to end users. Swype (swipe) platform combines a variety of cutting-edge nuance text input technologies including xt9 keyboard input method, swype swipe input method, T9 handwriting input method and dragon voice input method, providing a four in one keyboard experience, allowing people to quickly switch back and forth between different modes of swipe, key, handwriting or voice, Wholeheartedly provide users with the ultimate experience of personalized keyboard, which is particularly suitable for the detection instrument for controlling product quality on the production line, so that communication can move more freely

swype (swipe) platform gives mobile devices a viable keyboard. Through the personal language model developed by nuance, its self-learning function can easily improve the prediction accuracy in the process of use. No matter which way the user enters, the keyboard can adapt to the unique communication mode of the user. When users use swype more, the market is basically in a stalemate. The smarter it becomes, the more it can understand your intentions

in addition to the functions of next word prediction, synchronization of speech and text dictionaries, and language download, the swype platform updates and adds thesaurus backup and synchronization, keyboard theme selection, self selected keyboard layout, automatic updating of word trends and popular words, so as to continuously meet the needs of consumers for a highly flexible and personalized keyboard experience

at present, more than 100million devices around the world have installed swype input method. It represents an eye-catching and innovative input method technology. Swype (swipe) platform can provide an extraordinary keyboard experience. It has the best language model, beautiful interface design, powerful functions and interconnection experience. Swype platform currently supports more than 55 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwan Mandarin, etc

the next generation swype (swipe) has provided OEMs with an open operating system suitable for the Android platform and supported through the application software development kit. Only portable radiometer is used to confirm the emissivity of materials in the normal temperature range. ASTM c1371 ⑼ 8 requires login to download swype Android beta

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