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Atofina and Sunoco announced to raise the price of PP

New York, September 17 news: atofina and Sunoco said last Monday that the two companies had announced to raise the price of PP in the United States from October 15 to △ 6. Atofina's price will rise by 4 cents/pound, while Sunoco will rise by 3 cents/pound. Atofina company as a whole sent a written notice of price adjustment to all customers last Friday, while Sunoco company had notified all customers last Monday. Several weeks ago, American PP manufacturers successively announced that they would increase the price of PP by cents/pound from September 1, September 17 and October 1. It is reported that other PP producers will also release price adjustment information starting from October 15

An official of atofina company said that the price rise was mainly affected by the situation that the medical device industry in the upstream raw material developed countries has formed an "oligarch" rule. He said, "now the profit is very low, and we can't afford the rise in the price of propylene and other raw materials." At present, due to the shortage of propylene raw materials, the operating rate of the company's PP plant in Dezhou is only 75%

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