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Kony industrial cranes are sold to Russian shipyards

Guide: in December 2013, Kony received a new order and plans to supply 15 industrial cranes to Zvezda shipyard in the Far East city of bolshkaman in Russia in, mainly including CXT and smarton amp; reg; And other models. SMARTON amp; reg; Intelligent winch crane Zvezda

in December 2013, Kony received a new order and planned to supply 15 industrial cranes to the Zvezda shipyard in the far eastern city of bolshkaman in Russia. The products show that the building has 32 floors above and under the ground, nearly 100 meters high, indicating that the steel resistance to fracture mainly includes CXT and smarton models

smarton it is reported that the intelligent winch crane

zvezda shipyard is one of the most advanced shipyards under construction in Russia. After completion, it is capable of manufacturing oil tankers, liquefied natural gas carriers, ice class ships, professional ships and offshore platform units

Markku Saarinen, director and vice president of European industrial crane products department, said: "we are honored to be the supplier of Zvezda project. This order will help us further expand the Russian market and is the best embodiment of the sincere cooperation between Zvezda shipyard and Kony."

according to different purposes, the crane will be equipped with various intelligent functions, such as load anti swing control, lifting synchronization and hook balance. The first batch of cranes with lifting capacity ranging from 12.5 tons to 120 tons will be delivered to the hull manufacturing workshop in the first phase of the project for processing and handling various hull components between production lines

the easy-to-use smart human machine interface system (him) can not only provide users with the load weight in real time, but also indicate the position of the load relative to the available work area. In addition, the crane can also monitor its own status and prompt when and how to perform inspection or preventive maintenance measures

realize real-time monitoring of tire parameters; Track the historical data of the whole life cycle of tires through specific technologies; Combined with TPMS system

man machine interface (him) remote control

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