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Korean company released the latest achievement - arawin high temperature resistant fiber

Korean w can receive pension according to the agreed conditions until his death; After the death of the elderly, oongjin chemical released its latest achievement, arawin fiber, at the techtextil, which just closed in Frankfurt, Germany

Compared with ordinary nylon materials, arawin fiber is difficult to attach any object to the sample. It has high heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures above 300 degrees. Therefore, it can be widely used in chemical protective clothing, electronic heat insulation materials and other fields

it is reported that the company has frequently put forward opinions and suggestions in recent years. Recently, it was also announced that all installation and testing of aramid production equipment with an annual output of 450 tons will be completed this year, and it is expected that the output of aramid synthetic fiber materials will increase to 3000 tons in the first half of next year

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