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Kony new era automated container handling system landed in Indonesia

Kony new era automated container handling system landed in Indonesia

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on May 22, the Ramon Bay Wharf of Surabaya port, located in the east of Java, Indonesia, held an opening ceremony in the presence of the Indonesian President and senior government officials. This is a historic moment for Indonesia and a milestone in its transportation development project. Ramon Bay will improve cargo throughput through its huge waterway. Kony provided the Ramon Bay terminal with an automated container handling system

the newly opened Ramon Bay terminal can be compared to Pt pelabuhan Indonesia III (PERSERO), the crown jewel of "pelindo III", the Indonesian state-owned terminal operator. The automated container handling system provided by Kony includes 20 automatic stacking cranes (ASC), remote operation stations (ROS) and related container yard facilities. At the same time, Kony also provided 10 quayside gantry cranes (STS) and 5 straddle trucks (SC). The delivery process of automated containers is very smooth, and Kony provides expert on-site technology, which generally will not cause problems

"When Ramon Bay terminal will open the container terminal, we will answer for you one by one! Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. takes the customer's demand as our goal, but the vanadium battery still has a large cost landing space. Thanks to Kony's container automatic loading and unloading system, which integrates reliability, efficient productivity, predictability and safety, we will provide our shipping customers with uninterrupted and reliable integrated Packing flow. This will be the key to enhancing business success in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. " Prasetyadi, pelindo III project manager, said

this is a new era

remote operation station (ROS) of Ramon Bay Wharf. Truck loading and unloading operations can be carried out safely and efficiently in this comfortable workstation

remote control room

the container automatic loading and unloading system of Lamon Bay terminal includes many technical improvements, including stronger redundancy throughout the whole design, the improved remote operation station (ROS) and graphical user interaction interface (GUI)

most importantly, Kony's unique dynamic load control technology is now equipped with an advanced machine vision system, which can more accurately inspect containers and their contours. When the container approaches the target, the outline of the container is more accurate, and the influence of dust and fog is minimized. The system can sense the surrounding container stack according to the load and drive it with low power, which makes the automatic container handling system more accurate and predictable

proficient in stacking

they also affirmed the humidity driven shrinkage mechanism of go-pda nanocomposites due to uneven stress on the sheet. The container automatic unloading system designed and manufactured for Ramon Bay terminal includes all components of the terminal: from ASC dynamic load control system to eliminate the swing of the container, to automation technology, software intelligence and GUI of the remote control station

Kony is proficient in all stacking of container automated terminals, and has strengthened all automated interactive interfaces. In the core part of the system, Kony used its own automation technology to independently design and manufacture to make the whole system run perfectly

Pekka lundmark, President and CEO of Kony, attended the opening ceremony. "This is an important day for Kony and Indonesia. The prospect of Ramon Bay terminal is very bright, and I believe it will achieve lasting success." He said

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