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Han Jun called off the recruitment of UAV operators for the new army of pulling grass and sweeping snow. Original title: Han Jun called off the recruitment of UAV operators for the new army of pulling grass and sweeping snow. When the raw material window was relatively narrow, the Ministry of national defense of South Korea announced on August 16 that from 2019, the 11 general Outpost (GOP) divisions of the South Korean army and the combat forces of the Navy and air force would outsource the labor affairs of pulling grass and sweeping snow. From 2021, All Korean army officers and soldiers will bid farewell to the above labor

the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Korea predicts that by 2021, the outsourcing plan will create more than 3900 jobs

considering that the general outposts of the army are located in remote areas and the supply roads are rugged and narrow, the South Korean Ministry of defense will purchase additional multifunctional snow sweepers for them

weeds grow wildly around Han Jun's camp, supply roads, patrol routes, ammunition depots and training grounds, blocking the view of observation posts and flooding the roads. The weeds around the ammunition depots are also prone to explosion accidents in dry autumn and winter seasons

materials and pictures: the Korean Army provides customers with technical support and solutions for TPE products for street war exercises. According to the statistics of the Korean army, the average weeding area of an ordinary outpost is 930000 square meters, equivalent to about 110 football fields. In order to complete the task of weeding, the troops usually send special weeding forces, or make tolerances before and after training, weekends and other rest times. In hot and humid summer, weeds grow too fast, and many troops have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to pull weeds, which greatly affects the rest and training of officers and soldiers. Moreover, the surrounding area of the station is mostly mountainous and hilly, so the weeding machine cannot be used, and the portable weeding machine has the risk of flying stones and injuring people, so the officers and soldiers have to use sickles or even both hands to weed

in a 2017 questionnaire, 66.4% of the officers and soldiers filled in the "most necessary outsourcing matters" column to weed

the research and development of materials such as twists and turns finally endured the winter when weeds stopped growing, and snow sweeping became another cyclical work. As long as it snows, you have to go out to sweep the snow. Many troops stop training and specialize in sweeping the snow, because the area to be cleaned is too large. The office area, canteen, warehouse, training ground, auditorium and so on must be swept over and over again

Han Jun piloted the outsourcing of public health areas in 2015, and the results showed that 148 hours per officer and soldier could be saved a year. These hours could be used for rest or training, which could effectively improve combat effectiveness

material picture: Korean army base. (picture from the Internet)

according to the South Korean military, the South Korean military affairs agency set up a new special technical arm according to the South Korean army and South Korean Air Force at the end of August, and has issued a recruitment notice on the official homepage. This time, the South Korean army has set up a new UAV operation and maintenance corps, and the South Korean Air Force has set up a new nondestructive inspection corps, a meteorological analysis corps and a meteorological super analysis Corps

the UAV operation and maintenance Corps is responsible for the operation and maintenance of military UAVs in peacetime and wartime. The air force Nondestructive Inspection Corps uses X-ray, ultrasonic and other perspective inspection methods to check whether there are safety hazards such as welding pores in aircraft parts. The meteorological analysis Corps is mainly engaged in the observation, analysis and prediction of meteorology, and the meteorological super analysis Corps is the meteorological super 1 The operation and maintenance personnel of the computer in the range of 10 ° C ~ ⑶ 5 ° C at room temperature

the basic requirements for the recruits of the above new arms are those who are over 18 years old and under 28 years old and need to hold professional qualification certificates or graduate from related disciplines

data picture: the South Korean Army test flew rq-101 UAV. (picture from Luo)

: Zhang Yan

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