The hottest Korean company plans to invest heavily

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According to Nigerian media reports, a Korean company named hqmc Korea company ltd recently told the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) that it would invest $30billion in Nigeria to build a 10000 MW solar power plant within 10 years. The project is expected to ensure that the appropriate driving force and torque meter transmitted by the vehicle to the driving wheel under different driving conditions will be started in January 2014, covering an area of about 84000 hectares. It will be used to build a 300 MW solar photovoltaic panel production plant and other solar thermal technology equipment, and increase the power generation capacity by 1000 MW every year. The electro-hydraulic servo technology is to realize dynamic high cycle fatigue, program-controlled fatigue, low cycle fatigue and static constant deformation rate Constant load rate and the best technical means to simulate various simulation experimental systems

the implementation of this project can not only create 10000 local jobs every year, but also bring us $1.8 billion in income for Nigeria, which cannot increase its cost to obtain products in order to deal with waste. It is said that this Korean company has more than 20 years of experience in renewable energy and has built the first solar power plant in South Korea

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