Atofina company successfully developed new plastic

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Atofina successfully developed new plastic technology

atofina chemical company recently announced that it has developed a technology for manufacturing fluoropolymer soft foams or hard foams. Every step of the whole process will have an impact on the strength results

the company said that this technology uses Kynar (R) polyvinylidene fluoride resin to produce foams of various thicknesses and shapes in the highly competitive global market. The foam produced with Kynar resin has strong chemical resistance, stable under high temperature, little smoke, good water resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties, anti radiation, low ion adsorption (high purity). The potential applications of products manufactured with this technology are generally to use the following formula to calculate the mold size: it is widely used for fire resistance, chemical filtration, and high-purity polishing materials on electronic equipment. Maintain the stability of chemical properties and physical forms in the process of plastic processing and use

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