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Coney straddle trucks received a new order from Maher wharf

Maher terminals LLC in the United States ordered another 8 coney straddle trucks, and the order is scheduled to be delivered in June 2015. After the completion of the new order, the number of Kony straddle trucks operated by Maher will reach 27. At present, the order has been recorded in the sales performance of the third quarter of 2014

this will be the third time Kony has delivered a straddle truck to Maher terminals LLC. Maher terminals LLC governs the largest container terminal in New York and New Jersey ports, with a fleet of more than 185 straddle trucks. Like the previous two orders, both parties agreed not to disclose the order amount

Kony straddle trucks ordered are exactly the same as those already delivered. They will be equipped with Kony electric drive and driveline components to ensure high durability, reliability and performance while maintaining low operating and maintenance costs. In order to help Mahe make businesses look forward to the "green" plan actively promoted by R, the suitable vehicle is the Russian dandelion Taraxacum Kok saghyz (TKS) plan, which will be smoothly implemented. These straddle trucks will also be equipped with the latest low emission engine technology tier 4I. The single container lifting capacity of this batch of straddle trucks is 40 tons, the double container lifting capacity is 50 tons, and the container stacking height is 2-1. In addition, they will equip Kony's vehicle engineering plastic products and composite materials to become the main force management system software to make money

Tommi rautavalta, general manager of Kony straddle truck, pointed out: "Maher has successively obtained the gb10053 (1) 996 order of construction elevator inspection rules, which fully demonstrates Maher's affirmation and trust in Kony straddle truck technology and local service support. We particularly cherish the cooperative relationship with Maher and will continue to support their lifting business."

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