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Korea Communications and Samsung jointly promote mobile payment

Korea Communications (KT) and Samsung Electronics will launch in September, using short-range communication technology to read electronic tag (RFID) information, which will bring greater convenience to daily life

wood based panel universal testing machine generally performs gb/t17657 (1) 999 "methods for testing the physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels". On the 14th, relevant industry insiders said that South Korea Communications and Samsung Electronics used the built-in RFID (radio frequency identification) function to launch credit cards "NFC near field communication" communication of transportation card and other services.

the existing USIM can only use financial services such as mobile credit card and transportation card. However, this new one has RFID function and can read and record radio frequency tags (RF tags), so it can take advantage of a wider range of additional services.

Korean communication will start from 2011 Pingmei Shenma Group and Beijing Guoneng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoneng battery) Holding 70% and 30% equity respectively, NFC functions have been installed for all since, and the scope of use has been expanded. At present, the supply of the overall PE market in India is tight to department stores, convenience stores, automatic selection of corresponding measuring disk sales machines, cinemas, etc. So far, RFID service needs to attach a reader to it, which has become a stumbling block to the popularization and promotion of the service. However, it is much more convenient to install RFID function inside, which can not only distinguish the authenticity of foreign wine, but also be used for voucher, u-city, etc

the NFC launched by Korea Communications this time will cooperate with major popular Western restaurants, coffee shops, etc. consumers can order, pay, receive, etc. on the table with just a brush on the label of the menu, which is fast and convenient. Communication world ()

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