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Kony group held its first "industrial hacker" activity in Finland

Kony group held its first "industrial hacker" activity in Finland. The state has gradually increased its attention to the environmental protection and renewable industry

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at the beginning of the new year, Kony group held its first "industrial hacker" activity at the headquarters in helvenka, Finland. This activity is participated by 15 teams with poor anti-interference ability. It is required to develop and build new applications and services in the field of material handling for industrial interconnection within 48 hours. This activity gathered many Kony technical experts and the professional knowledge and enthusiasm of many programmers

"industrial hacker" activity aims to show various opportunities that industrial interconnection may bring. Because industrial interconnection is becoming more and more popular in various fields, it not only helps to improve security and productivity, but also helps to develop new business models and solutions

"the main purpose of this activity is to jump out of the fixed thinking mode of the material handling industry", said juhapankakoski, CEO of Kony digital. "We think this is a good way to support start-ups and small businesses to find solutions in the fastest way."

finally, the valuemotive team focused on the challenges faced by customers and won the award for excellence with its suggestions on ERP integrated system and crane operation

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Kony group is the world's largest heavy machinery manufacturer and crane service provider with a lifting capacity of 0.001 ⑴ 000mm/min, serving customer groups in general manufacturing, shipbuilding, ports and terminals and other fields. Kony group provides customers with efficient lifting solutions, and also provides professional maintenance and transformation services for various industrial cranes and machine tools through its global service network. By the end of 2014, Konecranes group had annual sales of more than 2billion euros, nearly 12000 employees worldwide, and more than 600 branches worldwide, with business spread around the world for nearly 3 The impact of the results disposal software; 50 countries. Kony group is a listed company of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange (Stock Code: kcr1v)

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Kony crane equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise subordinate to Kony group. Kony crane equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a leading crane equipment manufacturer and service provider in the Asia Pacific region. At present, Kony has nearly 1600 employees, 19 offices, 60 service points and 4 production bases in China. We are committed to providing customers in various industries with high-quality crane equipment and services

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