How to earn money from both power users and power

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How to earn money from both power users and power selling companies

from the small and micro enterprises that constantly broadcast "at present, the biggest problem is recycling, which does not constitute a bidding express", to the technology companies that "compete to shout" in major forums to promote the distribution of electricity software, and then to the large central enterprises specializing in the research and development of electricity reform related products, the service market created by the electricity reform is attracting more and more subjects to participate, and deriving diversified services

recently, I learned in an interview that with the in-depth promotion of power reform, the vast majority of power selling companies are transforming to integrated energy services. During this period, some companies were eliminated, some companies took the initiative to withdraw, and the shuffle of power selling is speeding up. In the process of market players entering and leaving, the interconnected power trading and matchmaking platform on the power selling side came into being as needed

power reform service new industry 98.07 state

with the continuous development of the power sales market, multiple power sales entities have been gradually established, and the power sales competition has changed from the initial simple price competition to winning customers through service innovation. This means that the era of price difference is over, and more power selling companies are transforming to integrated energy service companies

but how can we get the most benefit from integrated energy services? It is noted that at present, many small and micro enterprises selling power management software, as well as large power selling companies with power plant and power background, have begun to independently develop relevant software

"When bidding, relying on manual management, the calculation of implementation cost and marginal cost is very backward. This problem also exists in spot trading. The quotation of node electricity price forces power plants to quote frequently and accurately. At the same time, power plants can't calculate the power generation cost in real time, so they can only operate by experience, which is very risky. Moreover, when dispatching and disclosing the operating parameters of power nodes, the rapid calculation of node electricity price is also another big test for power plants." A person from a power sales company told me

it is noted that most independent power selling companies, which lack funds, resources and technology, have explored a new business form of integrated energy services - cooperating technically with software development companies to provide various solutions according to customer needs

"in the domestic power sales market, there are more than 20 interconnected power trading and matchmaking platform enterprises, such as Yidian, Shangneng power, etc., all of which have interconnected backgrounds. Generally speaking, such power sales companies' earn money from both power users and power sales companies'." Xuesong, a senior engineer at the Enterprise Strategy Research Institute of the National Energy Research Institute, told me

benefits: improve efficiency and reduce costs

it is understood that the general mode of power transaction information matchmaking service is to collect and publish the power purchase and sale information of bilateral transactions first, and then match the market entities to reach bilateral transaction intentions

"small and medium-sized power generation enterprises, power selling companies and power users are our main target customers. The large number of such customers and the mismatching of bilateral transaction information lead to problems such as low transaction efficiency and difficult identification of enterprises. Through the advantages of the Internet platform, we provide value-added services such as energy use solutions and electricity bills, so as to improve the efficiency of transaction completion and reduce transaction costs." An Internet matchmaking platform person told

the mode of using internet platforms to match power transactions is not unique to China's power market

opower is a large software and data analysis service company in the U.S. energy sector, cooperating with more than half of the large power selling companies in the United States. It is understood that the company has its own cloud platform and data analysis technology, establishes customer energy consumption files, and puts forward energy-saving suggestions to customers through comprehensive analysis

for the business model of such platforms, Xue Song told: "In order to speed up the occupation of customers, this platform has recently adopted a free service mode to strive for customer resources, such as 100% of the price difference income belongs to users, deviation all inclusive, etc.; in the future, it may collect commissions from various transactions brokered by the platform by charging platform registration fees and membership fees; and the ideal state is to provide a full business chain from the purchase and sale of electricity, energy-saving scheme design, power equipment supply, equipment installation and operation and maintenance, financial leasing, etc One stop service. "

"it should be noted that the power selling side Internet matchmaking platform does not have the function of power trading institution, but is only one of the OTC matchmaking places. For the transaction intention reached, the transaction subject still needs to register and open a transaction account in the power trading institution, and register and record the transaction intention in the power trading institution, which will take effect after passing the security check of the dispatching department." Xue Song added

difficulty: breaking the interests of the inherent class

about the prospects of the interconnected power trading and matchmaking platform on the power selling side, Chen Haoyong, director of the Institute of power economics and power market at South China University of technology, said: "this model is not a climate in the Chinese market. In the final analysis, if the power selling market is not dynamic, its supporting comprehensive energy services will also lose their role."

however, a person in the power industry said that it is not easy to make local breakthroughs in the power reform, and the overall reform still needs to be promoted in a coordinated manner

it was noted that E-power officials showed that the total volume of matching transactions was more than 6 billion kwh after its establishment two years ago, which was "insignificant" compared with the total volume of 132.29 billion kwh of market-oriented transactions in Guangdong in the first half of 2018

the above Internet matchmaking platform told: "We mainly provide power group purchase and matchmaking transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises are characterized by dispersion and small power consumption scale, so the proportion of trading power is still low. At present, everyone believes that power plants, power selling companies and users are the market players, and as a power trading platform to improve trading efficiency and publicize power reform policies, we also hope to enjoy the recognition and rights of market players."

it is also known that in the power market, in addition to the business personnel of power selling companies, there are also various power selling brokers. Traditional power selling companies are limited by staffing. 5. Experimental power resolution system or operating cost factors, but as a B2B market, third-party intervention will play a positive role in the promotion stage of power reform

"as a platform, we hope that the power reform can be promoted scientifically and become truly market-oriented. The government should do a good job in top-level design, create an environment to encourage innovative products, and enable power sellers to play their due value in the market; we should also eliminate bag companies that only want to make quick money by relying on policy dividends through market means. Reform is to break the interests of inherent classes, and there is still a long way to go for the interconnected matchmaking trading platform on the power selling side." The relevant person of the above Internet matchmaking platform told

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