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How to "drive" the whole series of cat easily ® (Carter) equipment

how to "drive" the whole cat easily ® (Carter) equipment

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in spring, Guizhou is full of flowers, and the layers of rape flowers meander along the terrain, as if every mountain was covered with a golden tapestry. In the spring, everything is new and prosperous. Boss Liu (a pseudonym), who has been engaged in earthwork for many years, has recently undertaken a large phosphate rock project. If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. Among many choices, cat 950h stands out for its reliability, durability and versatility


950h wheel loader is one of the world's top earthwork engineering equipment and one of the production reductions. It can play a powerful role in the harsh working conditions such as phosphate rock, and maintain low fuel consumption while improving productivity. This equipment is undoubtedly the best choice for boss Liu. The project to be undertaken is about to start, and the desired equipment is close at hand. However, facing the financial pressure of starting the project in the early stage, boss Liu made a mistake

when boss Liu was struggling, the local cat dealers and professional cat financing regional managers sent timely rain. According to boss Liu's engineering and business conditions, they worked together to give advice, and finally customized a flexible financing scheme with low down payment for boss Liu. Boss Liu finally bought his favorite 950h in time and started work with the pace of spring

cat financing has a professional and reliable financing team to provide you with financing and financial solutions. Our financing plan is not only for crawler excavators, but also for wheel excavators, bulldozers, graders and other cat products. From now on, you can purchase a full range of cat equipment through at financing in C automobile industry, and you can enjoy:

competitive interest rates and reduce financing costs

flexible payment plan to cope with market changes

super long financing period, reducing the monthly repayment burden

ultra-low down payment ratio. 1. Adopt high-precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer, no deposit, and reduce the initial purchase cost

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