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Yuyintianxia: how to easily realize voice prompt in queuing system and ATM machine

nowadays, whether going to the hospital to see a doctor or going to the bank ATM machine to handle business, there will be a long queue without manual assistance and supervision. Then, voice prompt is everyone's reassurance, constantly reminding users of queuing awareness, paying attention to property safety, and so on. Voice prompts alert users' safety awareness to a greater extent, prompt safe operation awareness, and greatly reduce the occurrence of fraud cases

speech synthesis chip has become an indispensable part of banks, hospitals and other businesses dealing with customer waiting. In particular, syn6658 speech synthesis chip has been used in some large hospitals and banks to realize the voice broadcasting function in the prompt and operation process. Syn6658 speech synthesis chip is a high-end TTS chip with more natural effect. It receives the text data to be synthesized through UART interface or SPI interface communication mode, and realizes the conversion from text to speech (or TTS speech)

the combination of voice synthesis technology and ATM machine

add voice function to the bank protective cabin and ATM machine. When someone withdraws money, it can effectively prompt the user's operation sequence, remind the user to pay attention to whether there is a card swallowing device at the card slot, whether there is a micro camera, and wake up people's awareness of prevention. The voice prompt is as follows:

don't trust strangers or SMS notifications, transfer money to the account designated by strangers, and call our 24-hour service or onehundredth in case of accidents

welcome, please pay attention to the safety of personal funds. If you need help, please call our customer service 955xx

please take back your bank card, passbook and cash, and pay attention to safety. Welcome to Huaxia bank again

welcome to Huaxia Bank, please pay attention to your own precautions, don't go to strangers. They also correspondingly enhance the development of biodegradable high molecular materials. Personal remittance

welcome to Bank of communications, you have entered the monitoring area, Please pay attention to the combination of card security

speech synthesis technology and queuing system

the bank queuing system takes the number through the touch screen, the CPU chip transmits the data signal to the speech synthesis core syn6658, and the chip performs speech synthesis through TTS Technology to drive the speaker to make sound; Combine the speech synthesis technology with the information system of the service windows of the hospital, such as registration, charging, clinical diagnosis and treatment, communicate according to the information needs of the data itself, and broadcast the speech at the corresponding terminal through the speech synthesis technology. Make the information system in public places get more humanized expansion. At the same time, speech synthesis cooperates with the self-test system of the system. When the system fails, it is no longer a random sound and light prompt and symbol display, but a convenient voice prompt

the contents of the voice prompt are as follows:

please ask customer XX to handle business at window x

you are the XXX customer, and there are XX customers who have not completed business before you. Please wait a moment

please XXX to the first consulting room of department x

please XXX to the color Doppler ultrasound x consulting room

please select the help key and enter the self-test mode

then, how can you easily realize these voice prompt functions? Syn665kasat provided by yuyintianxia company is excited about the new product. 8 speech synthesis development board and speech synthesis chip have simple peripheral circuit, universal serial port transmission, and easily get the voice prompt function

syn6658 speech synthesis development board can be directly installed to realize the voice prompt function during the test process, which greatly reduces the amount of early development. Syn6658 speech synthesis chip has extremely low cost performance and simple hardware interface

the use of speech synthesis chips has abandoned the cumbersome recording of traditional speech chips. It is extremely simple to use, mainly because of the loss of moisture. The zigzag experiment results of the steel bar pneumatic welding joint of the synthetic chip can give voice prompts to a large number of data, and even the elderly and children can quickly start to operate this system when they use it for the first time

ps: embedded speech synthesis software, smaller resource occupation, better experience, more flexible cooperation mode, so as to achieve the most perfect user experience in the process of human-computer interaction

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