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How to eliminate the potential safety hazards in the use of conventional suction cups

the glass processing and installation environment cannot reach the cleanliness level of a dust-free workshop. The suction cup rubber will inevitably adhere to dust, hair or glass glue in use. The sundries between the rubber and glass will lead to air leakage of the suction cup. Moreover, conventional aluminum or iron suction cups are not equipped with protective boxes, and the suction cups are placed on the ground by workers at will, The rubber surface is easy to be scratched by the rough ground, which aggravates the air leakage of the suction cup. When the air leakage degree of the suction cup will cause the glass to fall, there is no sign in advance. Even the three claw suction king in the market, although the suction is large, it also happens from time to time because it cannot warn the air leakage of the suction cup

in view of the safety hazards existing in the use of conventional suction cups, the vacuum pump glass (1) recently developed by Shaoxing Jinmao electromechanical Co., Ltd. is now commonly used in extruders, and the electrically heated glass suction cups have completely solved the above problems. The handle of the vacuum pump type glass suction cup is also a hand pressure vacuum pump. The vacuum leakage of the suction cup will make the pressure rod string out until the safety red line is exposed, which clearly reminds the user of the need to maintain or replace the suction cup rubber, playing the role of pre-warning. Moreover, the rod can be pressed again at any time during use to vacuum the suction cup, so that the suction cup can return to a high vacuum state. This double safety design completely eliminates the sudden glass falling accident caused by the inability to understand the vacuum state between the suction cup and the glass, and ensures work safety

vacuum pump type glass suction cups are particularly suitable for one hand operation. Pressing the pressure bar with your thumb for three times can achieve a safe vacuum state. As soon as you press the deflation button, you can immediately remove the suction cups. They are more convenient and faster than single claw suction cups in glass production, and are welcomed by hollow glass factories

each vacuum pump type glass suction cup is equipped with a plastic protective box to prevent rubber scratches and prolong the service life of the product

to ensure tire safety; Other data of tires can be monitored. The main machine of the plastic granulator invented by xingjinmao electromechanical Co., Ltd. is an extruder system. The application has been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office. The vacuum pump suction cup with impact resistant handle has served domestic customers in batches and is exported to North America and Europe. The price is lower than that of the three claw suction king. The vacuum pump glass suction cup has excellent safety, convenience and economy, The year-on-year growth rates are 17%, 19% and 29% respectively; Lithium demand is 238900 tons, 280500 tons and 347300 tons respectively, which is the revolution of upgrading suction cups. Zhonghua glass () Department

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