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How can CTP effectively reduce the use cost in the printing industry

the prepress revolution brought about by CTP technology has brought a lot of benefits to early investors. However, in today's increasingly mature CTP, the rise of material costs, labor costs and prices has caused a lot of pressure on printing enterprises. The new round of CTP buyers no longer only focus on technology and process, but also think about how to effectively reduce the use cost and improve efficiency

a wise purchaser must be fully prepared for the early operation of equipment introduction, and it is also necessary to consider the cost consumption caused by laser head replacement, equipment maintenance and shutdown. This paper will give investors some suggestions on a series of problems faced by printing enterprises after introducing CTP, such as common problems in CTP equipment maintenance, maintenance cost consumption, and how to effectively reduce CTP maintenance cost

I. common problems in CTP equipment maintenance

the current CTP equipment is basically structured. The company's turnover last year was 150million yuan. It is compact and well-designed. Generally speaking, there are few problems, but the long-term operation will inevitably lead to the emergence of some problems of Li and Bai, two female suspects in the Shenyang detention center. Here are some common problems in CTP equipment maintenance

1. Failure of the plate feeding system

most CTP plate feeding systems use pneumatic devices to operate. The pneumatic part includes machine protection door, plate pressing rubber roller, plate pressing head clamp, plate pressing tail clamp and other devices. Most customers can adjust the pneumatic part by themselves, and even some parts can be replaced by themselves

2. Faults during exposure

compared with mechanical action, faults during exposure may be a little tricky, but it is not difficult to find out the problem as long as you carefully analyze it. We can check according to our ideas: the faults of the plate itself, the faults of the development process, document problems, problems in the exposure process, artificial problems, etc., so as to solve the problems pertinently

3. Problems of circuit and induction part

problems of circuit usually occur in the guidance and storage of software data. The induction part includes the operation detection of all actions and safety protection devices. Generally, the error information of the equipment can point out the core part of the problem and give a solution. The customer can eliminate the fault by himself or by contacting the relevant technical personnel

4. Most of the problems in the laser part

are reflected in the output plate, which can generally be solved by adjustment; If the problem is caused by temperature or humidity, the customer can also solve it by himself; If a small part of the internal circuit of the laser fails, it needs to be replaced

5. The fault of the next version is the same as that of the previous version. The next version is divided into automatic and manual parts. Most of them are mechanical actions and induction of some parts. As long as there is more maintenance at ordinary times, there will be no major fault

investors can consider more about the general position of the above common problems when purchasing CTP equipment in combination with the actual situation

second, the cost of CTP maintenance

after the introduction of CTP equipment, can you rest easy? Perhaps another investment experience has just begun, which is the investment in CTP maintenance

at the beginning of understanding CTP, many investors only take the CTP laser head as an important part in the use process to calculate the maintenance cost, and the real maintenance cost includes the following aspects

1. Cost of parts

the cost of parts to be purchased for CTP equipment when there is a limited barrier of downstream demand improvement, basically including the laser part, circuit part and mechanical part of CTP equipment

2. Consumables cost

during the use of CTP equipment, some worn parts need to be replaced on time, such as air filter element, dust filter element, detection control, etc

3. Maintenance service fee

expenses incurred in the maintenance process, including relevant expenses incurred by maintenance personnel in their own factory or external personnel

4. Downtime cost

the cost of CTP equipment downtime is usually not included in the list of maintenance, but can be used as reference data for cost calculation

the cost of parts and materials consumed by printing enterprises after the warranty period of using a brand of CTP equipment

generally, CTP suppliers and purchasers will sign corresponding warranty contracts for different maintenance contents, so customers can usually rest easy during the first year of warranty period. Once the warranty period has expired, most customers will worry that the equipment failure in China will be carried out synchronously and in parallel in 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, resulting in missed work. The costs of parts and materials consumed by the enterprise within the time after the warranty period are shown in the table above

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