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Discussion on the development prospect of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

since the 1980s, China's BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape (hereinafter referred to as tape) manufacturers have started, and it has a history of more than 20 years. In China, the use of adhesive tape is increasing at a rate of 10%. Since the 1980s, domestic companies have introduced tape production lines from abroad to produce pressure-sensitive tapes for BOPP packaging, aiming at China's huge tape market. The quality and performance of its products are comparable to imported products, and the price is far lower than imported products

after more than 20 years of digestion, absorption, transformation and technological innovation of equipment 61 cement sawdust board, the production technology and production process of China's belt cattle manufacturers have been quite mature, and there has been a set of perfect management mode in production and sales, production and sales continue to expand, and sales increase year by year. In recent years, with the fluctuation of raw material prices and market changes, domestic tape manufacturers are facing great challenges and opportunities

first, solve the supply of raw materials and expand the production capacity of enterprises

the production of tape depends on the supply of tape film to a certain extent. In recent years, due to the soaring oil price, the price of BOPP film has also increased, and the supply of goods is in short supply, and even the market is cut off, which seriously hinders the production of tape

the establishment of the enterprise's own vertical supply chain of raw materials is undoubtedly an effective way to solve this problem. Take Zhongshan New Asia Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. as an example. Before 2002, the films used in the production of adhesive tapes were mainly outsourced, and the production cost remained high, which seriously restricted the development of adhesive tape production, which is one of the fastest-growing adhesive products. After years of investigation that sepiolite is water-bearing magnesium silicate, Zhongshan Xinya took the lead in adopting a new production mode of directly supporting tape production from BOPP plastic pellets, forming a vertical supply chain from film production to tape production. In 2002, Zhongshan Xinya introduced the large BOPP film production line of Germany Bruckner company to directly produce film and tape, becoming a real joint enterprise in the production of BOPP tape film and tape. In this way, it not only ensures the production of the enterprise, but also reduces many intermediate links and production costs. Now, Zhongshan Xinya has digested more than 60% of its self-produced BOPP film, and its production and sales have reached a new level

second, BOPP tape is widely used, and the international market potential is huge.

nationwide, the application range of tape is quite wide. Although the total production of tape continues to expand, the market potential is very large. At present, in addition to the increasing use in the eastern coastal areas, the northwest, southwest and central China are in the development stage. With the passage of time, the sales market of adhesive tape is pregnant with huge business opportunities

the use of adhesive tape in developed countries has been transformed internationally, but the production of adhesive tape in most developing countries is still in the embryonic or primary stage. The use of adhesive tape is huge, and the market prospect is optimistic. As the quality of adhesive tape produced at home is comparable to that of developed countries in the world, adhesive tape is also very marketable abroad. Southeast Asian countries, South America and the Middle East are mainly imported from China; Developed countries and regions, including Japan, the United States, the European Union and China's Hong Kong and Macao regions, also import a large amount of adhesive tape from Chinese Mainland every year. Therefore, the potential market for tape export is huge. While focusing on the quality of adhesive tape products, the enterprise pays attention to meeting foreign customers and vigorously promoting adhesive tape products to the country

at the same time, after nearly 20 years of baptism, domestic tape enterprises have fully mastered the production management mode, production technology and equipment performance of the full set of business tape. In view of the expanding demand for tape in developing countries, in order to find another way out for tape production, the differences in local material resources, human resources, sales prices and the preferential policies of developed countries for developing countries, domestic tape production enterprises should launch tape products for national production, and export equipment and technology by using mature management, perfect production technology and process, Use the Internet to find business opportunities to invest and set up factories abroad. In this way, the tape products can directly change the operating procedures of the experimental machine and the working conditions of the equipment. By introducing the sales in the country where they are located, they can occupy the tape sales market in the country where they are located, and can also be exported to the surrounding countries that use tape, reducing the intermediate links of export products and obtaining more foreign exchange

source: China Packaging News

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