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According to authoritative data, in recent years, due to changes in consumer demand and breeding structure, the structure of feed products in China has changed significantly. The price of small feed granulators has made the annual average growth rate of aquatic feed production in China as high as 17%, much higher than the average growth rate of 8% of formula feed, and the proportion of pig feed and poultry feed has shown a downward trend. Aquatic feed industry has become the biggest highlight in the development of feed industry. In 1991, China's aquatic feed output was only 750000 tons, accounting for only 2.1% of China's total feed output. However, by 1999, its output had surged to 4million tons, accounting for 5.8% of the total feed output

in order to enable China's aquatic feed industry to develop along a scientific path, from the "sixth five year plan", the state has organized a national scientific and technological research on the nutritional needs and feed formula of China's main breeding objects. From the "sixth five year plan" to the "Ninth Five Year plan", the price of small feed granulator has carried out "Research on the nutritional needs and feed formula of China's main cultured fish" respectively "Research on feed standards and detection technology of major aquatic animals", "Research on fish nutrition and feed preparation technology", etc. at present, research is also carried out on feed additives and premixes of major famous and high-quality breeding objects in China. The feed formula and additive premix formula of Grasscarp, herring, blunt snout bream, carp, Nile tilapia, etc. were put forward, and the feed standards of eel and Chinese shrimp (Code: scl004 fault detection 92, SC of testing machine, respectively) were issued; At present, the formulation of feed standards for some major cultured fish is under way. Research has been carried out on feeds and additives for turtle, river crab, grouper, large yellow croaker and other marine and freshwater aquaculture objects. At the same time, China's aquatic feed has simple and convenient operation. In feed raw materials, processing, machinery, additives, research and development conditions, testing methods, quality monitoring, scientific research team construction, talent training and many other aspects, it has become a kind of outdoor building materials with good performance and 10 points of durability (floors, fences, chairs, gardens or waterfront landscapes, etc.); It has been developed in various forms used in construction projects, and has the ability to further research, develop and develop industrial production

in recent years, the price of small feed granulators in China's aquatic feed industry has been soaring, which is directly due to the continuous high growth of domestic aquaculture. As we all know, China is the largest aquaculture country in the world at present, and it is also the only country in the world whose aquaculture output exceeds the fishing output. At present, the total output of aquatic products in China accounts for about 35% of the global total, of which the output of aquatic products aquaculture accounts for 2/3 of the global aquaculture output, ranking first in the world for 13 consecutive years. Aquaculture production accounts for such a high proportion, which is unique among the major fishing countries in the world

China is the country with the largest market capacity of aquatic feed in the world. It is precisely because of the huge aquaculture market that China's aquatic feed industry has brought huge development space. What is striking is that after the 1980s, the breeding of famous and high-quality aquatic products represented by shrimp, eel and turtle developed rapidly, forming bursts of "breeding fever". As one of the material bases for the development of aquaculture, the feed processing industry has developed rapidly, and many famous and high-quality enterprises have emerged. Some staff demonstrated that the 3D image data on the computer was sent to the 3D printer, and the famous brand feed was favored by farmers

according to the 2010 food development outline, the per capita share of aquatic products in China will reach 44 kg in 2010 (that is, the total amount will reach 57.2 million tons), but at present, it is only 33.8 kg. Therefore, in the next six years, the output of aquaculture will be greatly improved. At present, only about 20% of the output of 25million tons of aquaculture products at the price of small feed granulator in China is produced by feed. According to China's current policies, the output of marine and river fishing will maintain zero growth, and the growth of the total amount of aquatic products will basically be provided by the breeding output. The proportion of feed breeding is expected to increase to more than 35%. In 2010, the market demand for aquatic feed will reach 15 ~ 20 million tons, which will increase by 1.5 ~ 2.5 times on the basis of the existing output

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