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Discussion on the development prospect of BOPP tape industry

this paper discusses our views on the development prospect of the industry based on the relevant situation of BOPP tape production and sales:

first, the current situation of BOPP tape

in the 1980s, domestic BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape (hereinafter referred to as tape) manufacturers have started for more than 20 years. Tape is a downstream product with BOPP tape film as the main raw material. Therefore, the total production of tape is directly related to the scrap production of BOPP tape film

the coastal areas of East and South China are the regions with the fastest economic development in China. The total production of tape accounts for the vast majority of the total production of the country, and it is also the main production and use base of tape. Light textile, household appliances, hardware products, electronic products, food industry and other manufacturers are scattered all over the world. They are users who directly use tape, and their annual usage increases by about 10%. Adhesive tape is a disposable product, which not only meets the needs of outer packaging of various products, but also is a necessity for all enterprises and institutions and families

Since the 1980s, aiming at the huge domestic market, domestic companies have taken the lead in introducing tape production lines from abroad to produce pressure-sensitive tapes for BOPP packaging, which were imported at that time. The quality and performance of their products are better than imported products, and the price is significantly lower than imported products, saving foreign exchange, reducing the production cost of products, replacing imports, and using enterprises to save production costs

after more than 20 years of digestion, absorption, transformation and technological innovation of equipment, tape manufacturers have a set of perfect management mode, production technology and production process in production and sales, and production and sales continue to expand. The sales volume of adhesive tape increases year by year

with the upgrading of belt production equipment, from low speed to high speed, from narrow width to wide width, until now, belt production equipment has replaced imports. This saves foreign exchange and reduces production costs for tape manufacturers

For more than 20 years, various production enterprises have cultivated a large number of management talents, engineering technicians and skilled workers, equipped with material testing and inspection equipment, and formulated practical production processes and production processes. Up to now, the whole set of technology for tape production has matured through continuous improvement and renewal

II. Discussion on the production and sales prospects of tape

the production of tape depends on the supply of tape film to a certain extent. In recent years, due to the soaring oil price, the price of BOPP film has also increased, and the supply of goods is in short supply, and even the market is cut off, which seriously hinders the production of tape. For this reason, we believe that:

1 Establish a vertical supply chain of raw materials to ensure the supply of adhesive tape film. The upstream product of adhesive tape production is BOPP adhesive tape film. For our company, before 2002, the film used in the production of adhesive tape was mainly purchased, with large price fluctuations, increased intermediate costs and high production costs, which seriously restricted the development of adhesive tape production. After years of investigation, we took the lead in adopting the new production mode of directly supporting the production of tape from BOPP plastic granular film, forming a vertical supply chain from film production to tape production. In 2002, we introduced a large BOPP film production line from Bruckner company in Germany to directly produce film and tape, which is a real joint enterprise of BOPP tape film and tape production. In this way, we can not only ensure the production of tape, but also remove many intermediate links and costs, effectively ensure the needs of continuous production of tape, reduce the production cost of tape, improve the market competitiveness of tape, and increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Years of operation have proved that this is an effective method. Up to now, more than 60% of self-produced BOPP films have been digested. Production and sales have reached a new level

2. Market prospect

nationwide, the application range of adhesive tape is quite wide. Although the total production of adhesive tape continues to expand, the market potential is very large. It can be said that all products packed in cartons, office appliances of enterprises and institutions and household daily necessities basically use adhesive tape. At present, in addition to the increasing use in the eastern coastal areas, the northwest, southwest and central China are in the development stage. With the passage of time, the huge business opportunities pregnant with the sales market of adhesive tape will be further highlighted. The adhesive tape industry is a huge cake. Whoever grabs it first will occupy the larger cake

the use of adhesive tape in developed countries has been transformed internationally, but in the vast third world countries, due to various reasons, the production of adhesive tape is still in the embryonic or primary stage, the use of adhesive tape is also very large, and the market prospect is optimistic. As the quality of the domestically produced tape is similar to that of the direct method of rock shearing instrument and that of the method used for metal compaction, the level of the tape in the international developed countries is also not underestimated. Many Third World countries, including Southeast Asian countries, South America and the Middle East, are mainly imported from China; Developed countries and regions, including Japan, the United States, the European Union, Hong Kong and Macao, also import a large amount of adhesive tape from Chinese Mainland every year. We believe that the potential market for tape export is huge, and the international market is also another attractive cake for tape sales. How to occupy a place in the huge international market: enterprises must pay attention to the quality of adhesive tape products, use the interactive platform of Canton Fair and relevant international exhibitions, use the Internet to expand the publicity of adhesive tape products, organize capable teams to search for customers, actively participate, focus on promoting adhesive tape products, meet foreign customers, vigorously promote adhesive tape products to the country, and strengthen and expand export business. Practice has proved that, This is another effective shortcut

3. Strive to improve the popularity of enterprises, use the Internet, and look for opportunities to set up factories abroad

after nearly 20 years of baptism, the domestic tape enterprises have fully mastered the full set of operation tape production management mode, production technology, and equipment performance. Therefore, in order to find another way out for tape production, we should first measure the shore a hardness and thickness of the test piece, which is higher than the continuous expansion of the demand for tape in the third world countries, Taking advantage of the rich material resources, human resources, sales price differences of the third world countries and the preferential policies of developed countries for the third world countries, domestic tape manufacturers should launch the tape products for national production, use the mature management, improve the production technology and process, export equipment and technology, use the Internet and the third world countries to find business opportunities to invest and set up factories abroad, and the tape products should be sold directly in the country where they are located, First, it can occupy the tape sales market of the country where it is located, and second, it can be exported to the surrounding countries that use tape. Reduce the intermediate links of export products, win foreign exchange and honor for the country

III. worries and opportunities

although the production and sales of tape at home and abroad are increasing, the prospect is optimistic. However, the potential crisis is not optimistic. Indeed, the application scope of tape is in all walks of life. However, the environmental protection problems caused by the massive use of tape are the major technical issues faced by tape manufacturers in the next 10 years. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the formula of glue, adopt new materials with little or no pollution, reduce the environmental pollution of products, be easy to recycle, and ensure ecological balance

in the next ten years, tape manufacturers must strengthen the research and development of environmental friendly tapes and high value-added products. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for tape manufacturers. Whoever grasps the opportunity will win

the above is our simple view on the development prospect of the tape industry. I hope it can play the role of throwing bricks and attracting jade, and discuss and exchange with my colleagues. Thank you! 27

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