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Discussion on the development of offset printing (Part 2)


the market environment we are in today is changing the printing industry and opening up a new market for sheet fed offset printing

one of the pressures: urgent delivery

global communication is becoming faster and faster. Communication facilities are everywhere, making the pace of business faster. Delivery pressure and printing services need to be completed in a short time. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for offset printing, in which the operator will be able to operate several machines in the production line

globalization enables more customers to contact printers all over the world, which increases the opportunities for customers to select printers, and at the same time increases the pressure on printing enterprises because they need to deliver goods according to the scheduled time

pressure 2: fierce competition in printing wages

the competition in offset printing wages is extremely fierce, because rotary offset printing has been able to print high-quality products. At the same time, the investment threshold of offset printing is no longer high, and low-cost competition has become a means of survival for some printing plants, which has led printing enterprises into a strange circle of low-cost competition to a certain extent

pressure 3: profit space is compressed

the price of paper materials continues to rise, which to some extent devours the profits of offset printing. The global oil price continues to hit a new high, and the rise in the price of ink raw materials is inevitable, which eventually leads to the continued rise in the cost of ink. The profit margin of offset printing is further squeezed under the influence of macro-economy

pressure 4: customers' stringent quality requirements

printing customers' pursuit of printing color is endless, and some printing customers' requirements for the durability of the surface finishing layer of printing products are up to decades, and this trend will continue to strengthen in the next few years

pressure 5: short edition

we live in an era of personality and diversity. Short edition printing is mainly the product of buffer failure. The printing volume of a considerable number of offset printing movable parts tends to decrease. It is not surprising that digital printing diverts short offset printing movable parts, and will continue

pressure 6: pressure from flexographic printing and gravure printing

in the label printing market, narrow width flexographic printing is eroding part of the label offset printing business; Gravure printing is still the strongest competitor of offset printing in the long version live packaging printing market. In the double attack of flexographic printing and gravure printing, the pressure on offset printing cannot be ignored

pressure 7: pressure from the ecological environment

the voice of environmental protection is rising day by day. From the beginning of production to becoming a leading high-tech experimental equipment, VOC emissions from offset printing production are being limited. The heavy metals in offset printing inks are out of line with the green tax reduction and fee reduction printing. In the future, green offset printing is destined to become the main theme of development

taken together, the above factors constitute the pressure of sheet fed offset printing. In the next 10 years, these pressures will profoundly change the general picture of offset printing and, to a certain extent, affect the development direction of offset printing


due to technological progress, the highly competitive market requires the differentiation of printing products, so value-added print will become the future development trend of offset printing

from the perspective of printing, there are many countermeasures for value-added. First, fast delivery; Secondly, select the most appropriate process according to the characteristics of the printed parts

the continuous introduction of innovative technologies has broadened the choice of printing manufacturers. Surface finishing technology to improve the printing effect and durability of printed products, as well as printing on a wider range of material surfaces, are also important means of value-added. Printing enterprises need value-added, in other words, differentiation

value added printing requires not only a machine, but also machine configuration and process innovation for a special printing market

in order to be invincible in the future market competition, printing enterprises are thinking about a problem, how to provide printing customers with high value-added prints. Specifically, printing enterprises should know the capabilities of equipment and employees, as well as the current and future needs of customers, so as to know themselves and enemies, and win every battle

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