Hottest bed vibrating dryer

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Working principle of bed type vibration dryer

under the combined action of sexual excitation force and hot air, the dried materials continuously added from the feed inlet are in the throwing or semi throwing state on the drying bed surface, and flow continuously out of the machine in a straight line and uniform speed towards the current end of the discharge outlet; The hot air is blown out through the opening on the bed surface and vertically and fully contacts and exchanges with the material layer to further fluidize and dry the material. The tail gas is discharged from the top exhaust port to the dust collector

So as to generate a new wave of excess capacity

application range: the machine is suitable for the electronic universal experimental machine for particle size distribution. The correct use of the fixture should be the drying of a wide range of loose powder and granular materials

main advantages:

due to the joint action of mechanical vibration and hot air, the dried materials can be well fluidized, so it is especially suitable for materials with wide particle size distribution and difficult to determine or control the critical fluidization speed and entrainment speed

the residence time of the material on the bed surface can be steplessly adjusted by the direction and size of the exciting force, with simple operation and stable process

the machine can realize the operation of drying, cooling, humidification and other different requirements according to the process needs, and can also realize the combined operation of drying and cooling

it is especially suitable for drying fields that need to protect particle crystallization and particle shape after granulation to make it easier to operate

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