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One tear Xing Kai: start with more environmentally friendly cartons

the initial impression of one tear brand comes from a business card of its founder Xing Kai: the common kraft paper floor of express packaging, with a slightly mysterious closed design. It is necessary to tear open the seal like a zipper to see the contents. After more in-depth understanding, it was found that the enterprise determined to change the e-commerce logistics packaging, in addition to the concept that it can be opened with a tear on Xing Kai's business card, environmental protection is the key they value most

the steel bar zigzag testing machine used in China's e-commerce packaging is developed according to the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag test will be favored by more and more merchants (gb232 8). The tape can circle the earth once a day

unlike other entrepreneurs seeking self-development opportunities based on the e-commerce industry, Xing Kai paid more attention to the trivial logistics packaging when feeling the rapid development of China's e-commerce. In his opinion, as a product manager, the ink "> carton packaging commonly used in e-commerce logistics, in addition to the time-consuming and laborious unpacking, which affects the user experience, the large amount of plastic tape used by ink"> carton packaging for parts that users can see directly, is silently becoming a huge potential environmental hazard

Xing Kai introduced that compared with cartons, which can be recycled through simple repeated processing, the tape will produce toxic substances in the process of heating, decomposition and remodeling, and plastic, as the main carrier of the tape, will degrade very slowly in the soil

in addition, according to the use standard of plastic tape in the logistics industry investigated by Xing Kai, each opening of the carton should be wrapped twice. In other words, the amount of plastic tape used in each ordinary packing box is basically more than two meters. Combined with the publicly disclosed data, Xing Kai calculated that the tape used by China's e-commerce logistics can circle the earth more than once a day


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